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Thu, Apr 30 10:16pm · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I hope the cardiologist also stressed the importance of GRADUALLY weaning yourself off the beta blocker. It is dangerous to go off it suddenly.
And as far as statins go, unless you are a man in your forties who has had a heart attack, many experts say a person should not be on statins. Joint pain, memory issues and diabetes as side effects can make the cure worse than the disease. Did you know that 'normal' statin readings quite a few years ago were higher? Then Big Pharma not only lowered 'normal' once, they lowered it a second time which has resulted in 35 million people in the US on statins! Good luck!

Fri, Apr 24 6:44am · Palpitations triggered by cocaine in Heart Rhythm Conditions

It sounds like this has been an experience that has made you grow up and mature very fast. Congratulations on being 4 months clean…except for the marijuana. I think now your mother would be relieved to know that although you were on hard drugs (like your brother), you are 4 months past that and have learned your lesson the hard way…and that you will never go that route again. That would be the best news ever!
You must come clean with the doctors so they know what they are looking for and dealing with.
My neighbour's daughter got into the same scene as you and consequently damaged her heart. She had 3 heart attacks. She died 6 months ago and left her family heartbroken…
You got a big scare and you have learned from it unlike my neighbour's kid. Why not continue in the direction you are on and adopt a very healthy lifestyle with excellent eating habits, clean living, fitness routines, responsible conduct etc.. Dr Phil says that young people don't have the ability to see around corners. But I think this experience has made you mature to be able to see around corners and predict what future you will have as you become a straight arrow.
All the best to you, Caden!

Thu, Apr 23 7:21am · Palpitations triggered by cocaine in Heart Rhythm Conditions

OMG…what a horror story! First of all, thank God you have learned your lesson, albeit the very hard way, not to do drugs and that you are not invincible. Drugs are dangerous and can mess people up for life…or kill them. It makes me wonder what was going on in your head to take you to that point where you would engage in such risky and suicidal behaviour. There has to be a reason that you feel that 'life' and living it in a healthy way is not good enough.
You have not mentioned anywhere that you have seen a doctor or been to the hospital…or spoken to your parents. You have pushed your heart to the edge and you are lucky to still be alive. Your heart needs to recover from this assault. You may need to be on a medication (possibly a beta blocker) to stabilize your heart and give it a chance to heal. You need tests. Never mind soccer, friends, school…STOP everything and get yourself to the hospital and be seen by a cardiologist….TODAY before it's too late.
You need to also see a psychologist to see why life is not good enough without drugs. Maybe now with this scare, you will learn to appreciate good health, the beauty of nature, living in a free society, the educational opportunities that you have in front of you etc.. A psychologist will help you get your head screwed on properly. Ask your parents to help you find a psychologist who specializes in dealing with teens suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. GOOD LUCK, Caden!

Tue, Mar 31 11:51am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I suggest that you get more exercise, preferably aerobic if you can. Cut out all stimulants including coffee and alcohol. Even on morning coffee can get your heart going off track. It worked for me and I am 25 years free of a very serious case of Afib.

Sun, Mar 29 1:09pm · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Agreed! And I am fully aware of the potential consequences of stopping BP meds. And that is why I made sure to mention those potential consequences. But since I likely have Covid, having been exposed to it and having all the classic symptoms, I am faced with another risk factor, also potentially serious. My cardiologist agreed with the report stating that he did not recommend stopping the BP meds. Not enough testing has been done at this point. There have to be human trials etc.. We shall see down the road what comes of it.

Sun, Mar 29 10:31am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I have read about this and was concerned because I do have Covid symptoms…or the worst flu + bronchitis I have ever had in my life, was exposed to someone returning from overseas who was coughing and am awaiting test results. I contacted my cardiologist and he said basically what is written above and that he would not prescribe just diuretics or some other safer BP drug. I understand that it is impossible for doctors to go up against Big Pharma without serious repercussions.
So I decided to take a risk of stroke or heart attack and stop the ARB drug I am on (Candesartin) and my symptoms are a bit better but nothing dramatic so far. I have just started taking 3x per day a 'natural' product BP Esssentials by Julian Whitaker, a Canadian product that is Hawthorne Extract and Fish Protein Powder. It's better than nothing…and we shall see if my BP comes down…because, of course it is up to 160/100.
One interesting thing that I definitely notice is that I am no longer stiff or achy when I get up from being seated or get up in the morning or lift up my grandchild etc..
I think a major diet and much more activity is necessary to get my BP down…and hopefully avoid taking any BP drug.

Sun, Mar 29 7:27am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello Kenny48, Maybe you could go the 'lifestyle route' to cure or control your Afib and avoid meds like I did. Years ago I suffered from the worst case of Afib the cardiologist had ever seen. I was put on beta blockers for almost 2 years and felt horrible on them. Unfortunately for me, it took such a high dose to keep the flips and thumps every few seconds, air hunger and faint feeling under control. But the doctor told me that such a high dose of sotalol could cause heart block and to try to lower it. Even lowering it a bit caused my heart to flip out…every few beats so I could not reduce the drug. I did some reading and discovered that cardio exercise where I pushed my heart, could help. I joined a gym and went every morning, 6 days a week. Within a month, I was able to get my meds down to ….zero! I kept up the exercise routine for several more months and felt fantastic to be off the beta blocker with no Afib. I went back to the cardiologist who said that the Afib would be back but to never ever again in my life take decongestant medication (ephedrine), coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate, too much sugar, be near smokers or take any stimulant such as the freezing at the dentist's.
Here I am over 25 years later and still Afib free! I never ever drink caffeine coffee and never drink alcohol. To this day, if I have a chocolate dessert, for example, I may feel a blip or two. That's warning enough for me and I steer clear of any stimulants for a long while.
Btw, the cardiologist told me back then that he only medicates 1 in 10 patients. He only puts patients on beta blockers IF the condition interferes with their daily functioning; IF they have to take big breaths all the time to get enough oxygen…IF they feel dizzy or faint when the heart beat flips and IF they feel weak during episodes. Maybe you don't need beta blockers at all…
From what I have read…in litigation mad USA, doctors are afraid of being sued and will medicate more people than in Canada. That's apparently why Americans are the biggest Big Pharma clients in the world. If I were you, I would ask the doctor, "If you were me, what would you do?"
My 69 year old husband who has had very high cholesterol since his twenties, will not take statins because of the horrible side effects and few benefits and his doctor who was obliged to recommend them, quietly agreed. His triglyceride levels and C-reactive protein are excellent btw. But that's another whole topic. The point is that doctors are obliged to over medicate or if something were to happen to a patient, they could be blamed and lose their license…and Big Pharma would be right there in court wielding the axe. A doctor friend confirmed that they MUST toe the Big Pharma line or else…
I think you can with the doctor's guidance, take charge of your own condition. And like me, you may be able to get off beta blockers and even other meds if you go the lifestyle route.

Sun, Mar 29 6:50am · Weaning off Metoprolol in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hello Patidallas, I am very glad to have read your post as it brings to light my own experience. For about 5 years now, since I started taking BP meds, I have been 'arthritic'…or so I thought…with stiff and achy joints.But I never made the correlation… Getting up from a chair is somewhat uncomfortable. Picking up my grandchild is as well. For the past few days I have stopped my BP medication and the 'arthritic' discomfort has gone away…
It's not a great idea to stop BP meds without one's doctor's authorization and I would never encourage anyone to do so as it puts one at risk of having a stroke or heart attack. My BP is now 160/101. Not good!
Why did I stop the BP meds (Candesartan)? I was reading about Covid and discovered that many BP meds contain ACE2. Quote from a reputable source: 'The COVID-19 virus (also known as SARS-CoV-2) is known to use ACE2 for entry into target cells.' Scientists have discovered that some BP meds cause the body to be open to the proliferation of the COVID-19 virus. Here is the report: I tried to attach it but it won't attach. You can google: Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidance from the CCS Covid-19 Rapid Response team.
Because of this alarming news and because I have Covid-19 symptoms, I sent an email to my cardiologist asking to change my medication to just a pure diuretic or a drug that is not on one of the lists and he wrote back that there will need to be more formal, long term testing. He would not change my I stopped taking the meds. I am waiting for an appointment with my new GP in a few days to ask for another medication.
I do have the classic Covid-19 symptoms and have been sick for 13 days with 'the worst flu of my life' which may end up being just that. I was tested this week and am waiting for the results. I wanted to see if this sickness suddenly improves once off the BP meds. As it turns out, I no longer have a low grade fever and the shortness of breath is somewhat better. My cough is much better. Is it just my body's ability to heal or is there an improvement because I stopped the BP medication…or both?
Thank you for sharing, Patidallas!