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18 hours ago · Skipping beats and feeling it in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Oh, you're a guy! Do the pains radiate up and down your arm or is the pain fixed in one spot in your arm as it is in your chest? I would not worry in the least. Tell me…did your father have a heart attack early in his life? Men follow their fathers in this regard. If not, don't worry. We all have odd pains here and there in our bodies. I would get active, stop coffee and booze, eat well and do for others. Could it be that focussing on pains and heart bumps and flips (which so many of us have, especially coffee drinkers) take your mind off what is really worrying you?

19 hours ago · Skipping beats and feeling it in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Heart discomfort or pain moves…up the arm, up the neck, across the chest. Maybe you can stand in a doorway and put your arms on either side and push your body forward to loosen up tight muscles. Being stressed can make muscles tense up. So can being dehydrated so drink up…water!
Questions: Do you exercise vigorously? And can you stop drinking coffee, tea, alcohol or eating chocolate?
You may find that these worrying issues disappear completely.
You are very young for any heart issues. It doesn't mean a woman of 36 can't have them but it would be very very unlikely and rare.

19 hours ago · Skipping beats and feeling it in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Does the pain move or is it in one location?

1 day ago · Skipping beats and feeling it in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I may have written this before as we have communicated before. The cardiologist said that 9 out of 10 people who see him for such symptoms, he does NOT medicate. Only 1 in 10 does he medicate based on whether one's life is disrupted by the palpitations/skipped beats/ flips and jolts. I was one of them unfortunately because I was almost passing out throughout the day. I was 46 at the time. I was on beta blockers but I managed to get off them by doing aerobic exercise which stabilized my heart. I went every day for 4 months for 35 minutes on the treadmill. I was off the meds in 30 days. If I were you I would do aerobic exercise every day, pushing your heart to make it stable and strong. And I would stop ALL coffee etc..which is what I did. It is 24 years later and I still do not touch coffee, caffeinated tea, alcohol, chocolate (well, on occasion but then I often get a racing heart) and it is written in my dental charts 'no ephedrine'. I am absolutely fine. And I have to say, maybe because I am not a worrier, I was not concerned about my heart flips etc.. The cardiologist did a good job reassuring me that my heart was fine and that I just had an 'electrical problem'. My daughter, age 19 at the time also had skipped beats so I had her examined and was told the same thing. As long as she can carry on with daily activities as usual, ignore it as much as possible. I hope this is reassuring.

1 day ago · Skipping beats and feeling it in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Did you have a Holter monitor test? When you 'catch your breath', do you feel that you HAVE TO take that breath? What would happen if you didn't? Would you feel dizzy? Or do you 'catch your breath' out of surprise? There's a difference. The question is basically whether enough oxygen is getting to your brain or not. I will bet if you stop taking the stimulants, all this would stop.

1 day ago · Skipping beats and feeling it in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Jadilow, You are so young. Look up reflux to see how you can manage it. Ginger helps. Even a little baking soda in water can stop it. Tums that are pure calcium and no aluminum is also good. You want to avoid drugs. But of course, prevention is best. Don't lie down soon after eating. Sleep on your left side. It isn't related to the heart even if it is called heartburn.
As for the flip flopping heart, do you feel faint or short of breath during these episodes? My cardiologist told me when I had lots of 'flip flopping' that he only medicates if the palpitations or arrhythmia interferes with normal functioning. In my case I did feel faint and weak because the sensations were non stop. So, I think if you were to see my cardiologist…olke your own, he would tell you not to worry, to never have coffee, tea, alcohol, to go easy on the chocolate and steer clear of any stimulants (dental meds, cold meds). I hope this helps, Jadilow.

5 days ago · Heart Problems, Cardiac Symptoms, But Test Results Normal in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My cardiologist had me on the highest dose of beta blocker possible; that is 320 mg of sotacor per day. He warned me that at that dose my heart could STOP! he told me to try to reduce the dose. I was alarmed but reducing the dose even by 1/2 of one 80 mg tablet made my heart become totally arrhythmic. So, a high dose of a beta blocker can be dangerous. I was exhausted and felt like an old lady on such a high dose of beta blocker. So I am so glad I decided to push my heart with aerobic exercise and within 4 weeks I got the dose down (always gradually) to zero. And it worked at curing my A-fib.

6 days ago · Heart Problems, Cardiac Symptoms, But Test Results Normal in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Heffert,
I had similar experiences; my heart suddenly racing with skipped beats, losing my breath and feeling like I was going to pass out (lack of oxygen to the brain) and having to take bigger breaths to compensate.The difference is that at worst, I had them every 5 or 6 seconds and at best once or twice a minute.My heart otherwise check out fine. I had a Holter monitor for 48 hours and it malfunctioned because I had too many skipped beats and wild heart racing. The cardiologist told me that he only medicates 1 in 10 people who go to him with skipped beats and racing heart. I was the one in ten. And although your symptoms only occur occasionally, what if you are driving and it happens…and your cardiologist did not put you on beta blockers? You could get into a serious accident…and your cardiologist could be sued. American doctor must be extra cautious and medicate where a Canadian doctor (here) would likely say to go the lifestyle route. (no alcohol, no coffee, get exercise, no stimulants of any kind such as ephedrine (for colds). )
It took me 20 months on beta clockers but I did finally find the cure for my symptoms much to the cardiologist's surprise and maybe you could give it a try yourself…with your doctor's go ahead…and that is aerobic exercise. I went to the gym 6 days out of 7 and my heart became solid and steady and within a month I was off the beta blockers. That was 24 years ago. So if I could cure the most serious case of Atrial Fibrillation the cardiologist had ever seen, your condition which is intermittent, could undoubtedly respond to strengthening your cardiac muscles, too. Let me know if you take that route and if your skipped beats stop and your heart simmers down.