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Jul 2, 2012 · sex and erectile distress in Heart & Blood Health

Hello Friend, this is my first time here……..I’m in my mid 40’s and my sexual health has always been a normal and daily part of my relationships. It’s very important to me……..but in last 5 years I have suffered from lack or drive, getting or keeping erections. Its not that I am not excited, it’s just not there – I take paroxitine, 10mg tablets a day for Anxiety, so not sure if that contributes to this? Any thing out there to help get me back on top of things? Not looking for the little magic blue bill, to expen$ive- looking for something more like on a reg. basis- maybe look into shots to-

Jul 2, 2012 · STD in San Diego- in Infectious Diseases

While on one of my recent trips to LA, I came back and found out I contracted a STD, I was shocked and felt bad about myself………as if though I was less of a person for it. I have been dating someone for about a month, so the first thing I did was tell them about it. It has not been a good experience. I wanted them to know and to get tested but it seems to cause doubt between us now and I kinda fell isolated. Has anyone else gone thru this? Thanks- new to the whole dating things again……….