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Jun 28, 2012 · Guy, I hope you are doing well. Thank You for your knowledge. in Just Want to Talk

Guy, I hope you are doing well. Thank You for your knowledge. Strength and peace to you, Dee @guyp

Jun 27, 2012 · cryptic tonsils in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

These tend to form in pockets in the back of the throat. It is food debris that gets caught in the pockets, Sometimes they come loose and you can cough them up. This is wierd but it actually runs in our family. No of us have had our tonsils out and I think we should have. My brother had this also, he developed tonsil cancer. I fear for my daughter because she has these pockets too. I have told her that as soon as she has medical insurance she needs to have her tonsils removed. I bought her a water pic dental machine to try to spray them out, it helps alittle.

Jun 27, 2012 · Having to deal with a loved one passing from cancer in Cancer

LJ., I think it is very normal for your mothers sickness and death to freak you out. It also happens to the people who fight cancer. You just can’t help it because now you know some things are never in your control. Thats really scary. But you need to stop and calm yourself – Anxiety and panic feeds the monsters!
First, many of the things that you discribe are normal at certain times of our lives but you do want to start to control some of them better. If you can afford good nutricious food, I would start there. It will help bring your system back to a balance. (I hope you are not poor)! Poor people are at a very bad disadvantage on all of this.
Research some of your issue/ gums bleeding etc. Learn what you can do to fix this. Find a clinic, get a check up. Fix, what can be fixed.
Drink water, more than you want to, everyday. And above all else, listen to your body, don’t ignore/put off when you have pains that are not normal.
Being in debt, is better than being dead.
I speak on experience here. I, like you did not have insurance and put it off because I also did not have money to spare. My cancer would still have been but not as advanced. SO, listen to your body, take care of yourself. I am telling you the absolute worse thing for me IS the thought of not being able to be with my kids anymore. take care of yourself for your baby. You can write me anytime, Dee

Jun 26, 2012 · Liver cancer with middle hepatic vein involvement in Cancer

I am seeking someone with knowledge or experience in R.F. ablation on a tumor that is encroaching on the middle hepatic vein. I have intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma. I have had my right lobe taken away (resected) and there is reacurrance at the surgical site-middle vein. Also a new lesion in left lobe. I don’t want to cook that vein. It is the main life giver to my liver. I do not have any Hep strain. Any insight would be truley appriciated.