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Jun 27, 2012 · triple negative breast cancer in Breast Cancer

Hello Cosette,
I am so happy that you emailed me again. Even if you do not have the same cancer just listening to someone who has a hard time with cancer helps.
Some days I am so tired or in pain, then I rest.
Most of the time friends come over and I teach them about sewing. My friend from Tucson called this afternoon again with a problem, that I fix by email or over the phone.
There is so much I would like to share with me friends I have no time thinking of how long I have left.
Hospice was here today to prepare me.
I do not need hospice yet but they want to get to know me when I need them. In 02 I had left breast cancer her2, in 05 cancer in my right estrogen. Then this year in Jan I felt a bump on my breast bone, ignored it, I thought it was calcium buildup. Febr. I went to Houston to help my friend, if you go to MD Anderson stay at ST. Dominic, archdiocese of houston, I love it there. 3/4 mile from the hospital, around $ 50 per night.
I am 66, came to America in 65. Have 3 children, divorced and remarried (6 years) I took care of my husbands wife for 18 months until she passed. We stayed friend and married as friend, never a love affair but a peaceful marriage.
My friends are crying more than I am they say, what are they going to do with out me, I told them every one is replaceble.
I wish we known each other when you went to Canada, we could have visited together, we live in Michigan. One hour north of Grand Rapids.
Well dear Cosette, take care, all the best for you.
If there is any thing I can help you with a pattern or a pattern you are looking for let me know. For me it is so peaceful to sew.
Best, Jackie

Jun 27, 2012 · triple negative breast cancer in Breast Cancer

Hello Cosette,
The chemo I started on is not working, cancer is growing and gone into the left lung, it is already in the right one, also spots on the liver. Stage 4.
This week they started another kind of chemo, hoping to stop it from growing.
The last 2 days I feel like I am not sick, 2 weeks before I was in a lot of pain. After a scan it explained the pain, because it started in the left lung.
I do not want to go some place else for treatment. In Feb this year I was in Houston for a month with my friend, her husband went for research at MD Anderson for leukemia. I rather be close to friends and family. When I feel good I enjoy verry much helping others with sewing. We have so much fun and I feel they all need me. This keeps me positive, instead staying in a motel alone somewhere nothing to do. I love my sewing and sharing what I can.
I do not understand stage 3 triple negative. Would you care to share.
One last question, I never heard that name Cosette, is that french? I am from Luxembourg.
Take care, all the best to you,

Jun 25, 2012 · triple negative breast cancer in Breast Cancer

this is the 3rd time, now stage 4, spread to lung and bones
I would like to talk to another person with the same cancer.

Jun 25, 2012 · anybody there to talk about breast cancer and treatment and life afterwards. in Breast Cancer

Hello GRlucky, I had breast cancer 2x, last month it came back. I have good days or hours and some not so good. I feel strong and ready to tackle a few more years, to many people need more,