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Jun 17, 2012 · Severe unintended weightloss unexplained in Cancer

I have had many of the same symptoms as your wife. I am on my 2nd marriage with 2 children from the first marriage. My current husband did’t have any children of his own so we decided to have a baby. We lost the first preg. at 5 weeks. We became preg. again and during this preg. everything was somewhat normal, however at times I would be in horrible pain in my stomache, pelvic area and had a complete placenta previa. Luckily he entered the world a little early but appeared to be healthy. We assumed the first loss was a fluke until I became preg. again in 2007 resulting in a loss at around 8 weeks. Devistated, we hoped we would have the same exp. as last time and decided to try again. In Oct. of 2008 we became preg again, it was confirmed in Nov. and in Dec. I began to bleed. We paniced and went to see the Dr. I was put on strict bed rest which lightened the bleeding but it never stopped. It was later found that I again had a complete placenta previa and it was thought that the bleed was coming from a complication of the previa. I was in alot of abdominal pain and unable to gain weight, but refused to give up. My blood pressure was dropping horribly,sometimes as low as 80/40 and I was told if it continued I would have to start recieving transfusions or I could save myself through abortion, which I refused! Ultimatly God stepped in and on 2/17/09 our son was pronounced decieced! I had a D&C that day. We had our son autopsied because we were told most late term lossses are the bodies way of “getting rid of imperfection” or in other words he probably had a severe birth defect. The autopsy showed absolutly nothing wrong with our son. Due to the amount of pain during the preg. I was to follow up with gastro. I made the appt. which was months out, and began using birth control. As fate would have it I became preg. while on the Neuvaring and didn’t see gastro in time. This preg. had some lite bleeding in the 1st trimester but nothing like the other. Again I was in a ton of abdominal pain right behind my stomache/bladder. At around 25 weeks I went into labor and was hospitalized. They were able to hold off labor with large doses of magnesium which made me very sick. After 8 days of hospitalization and large doses of magnesium I was still having contractions but no cervical change. My husband and I decided if they coldn’t stop the contractions we could lie in wait at home. I was sent home on turbutaline 4 times daily and strict bed rest. At 28 weeks I had a positive fetal fibernecton and was told that ment I would probably have our son within the week. The contractions never stopped but somehow I managed to hold on to him until 35 weks. He was born small but seemingly healthy. In the midst of all this our other child began running fevers in excess of 105 degrees and the nodes in his neck would swell larger than golf balls. This seemed to be occuring in a pattern and we were refered to ENT. We had to wait for another flare up so they could do a CT. It revealed his large nodes but said they were reactive. After a few more flare ups it was decided to take the swollen nodes in hopes this was the problem. After his surgery he was still getting sick but not as regular and the fevers were not as high. We were than referred to an immunologist at Cardinal Glennon who discovered a deficiency of imuune system, the IgG’s. He was given a booster shot called a pneumovax shot and his system responded. After our last child was born I became increasingly sick. My hair was falling out, I was 138lbs when I delivered and within weeks I was downto 100lbs. my body is weak and I can’t get out of bed for any length of time without getting exausted. The abdominal pain is still there along with bowel issues. As time went on I began having joint pain esp. in my knees and shoulders. Not even a year after his birth I got Pnemonia. Did a course of antibiotics felt better for about 3 days and the Pnemonia returned. This time it was 2 months of antibiotics before I kicked it. During the course of antibiotics I developed a fungal (candida) infection due to the loss of good bacteria. I saw a gastro Dr. through Washington University in St. Louis mo who did an endoscopy on2/13/12. At the end of that same month I was drastically declining, down to 85lbs. My husband took me to several ER’s were we were treated like I was sick because of a “haabit.” Finally, on 2/28/12 he took me into one last ER this time St. Lukes hospital and I was seen by a Dr. who didn’t look at me as an addict and decided to run some “nt so normal” blood work but we would have to wait for the results and due to insurance reasons I was sent home. Two days later I had a police officer at my door telling us I was to return to the hos. immediatly, they had found something in my blood. As it turned out I had a bacterial blood infection Gram-Negative. After culture it was realized the bacteria in my blood is normally found in the digestive tract and since I recently had an enndo. w/biopsy it was believed to have entered my blood then! While I was hospitalized they actually listened when I told them about my sons immune problem and checked my IgG levels and you will probably find this hard to believe but I as well have a defeciency. While I was hos. my youngest child began with high fevers and large nodes in hi neck and has been sick once a month since. Everytime I take him to the Dr. it is thought he has strep but the test is always neg. So we begin testing on his immune system next month. I am steadily getting worse and my body is beat up! It is hard to get out of bed to enjoy the children we fought so hard to get here. I see immunology July 9th and I am going to Mayo in MN July 30th. Things that I have found that help are a glutin free diet, cut out added sugars (unnatural sugars) whey protein shakes, when made with frozen berries and yogurt they are tasty, probiotics, and I also recieve B-12 shots because my body no longer absorbs B-12 or vitamin D. Anemia can cause alot of her symptoms has she been checked? If not mabye trying a supplement, B-12 and/or Iron might help. I hope your family finds answers soon!

May 30, 2012 · Systemic Fungal Infection: Can it cause thyroiditis and how best to treat? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I am a 33 year old mother of four. I have been struggleing with digestive pain and issues for many years. In 2008 I suffered a miscarriage at around 9 weeks. Then in Jan. of 2009 I suffered another miscarriage, only this time I lost our son at 17 weeks after over two months of constant bleeding! I then struggled through the pregnancy of my 4th child. I was in constant pain in the pelvic / lower abdominal area. I started contracting at 28 weeks and was hospitalized. I had a pos. fetile fibernecton(or however you spell it) at 30 weeks, but managed to hold onto our son for 5 more weeks! It was a lon painful process but well worth it! After the birth of this child 10/07/2010 my health really began to worsen. Within a year I was down to 90 lbs with joint pain and stiffness, muscle pain, mood and behavioral changes, and then the infections started. First it was a simple res. infection, then Pnemonia. I took the first course of antibiotics and when they were gone I felt better for about 2 days before the pnemonia set back in. This time it was almost 2 months of antibiotics before I got some relief. This is when things really went down hill. The fatigue and weakness started along w/shoulder pain and tingleing in my left arm and hand accompanied w/ a burning sensation in my mid back. When the routine bloodwork came back pretty much normal, being that I am 33 years old 90 lb woman, it was assumed I was trying to get pain meds and I was labeled an addict and taken of my meds. Roughly 3 weeks later I went to an ER were I was told I had wasting syndrome but the dr. I saw actually seemed to care that I was wasting away and ran some not so routine bloodwork. He wanted to admit me and do further testing but due to my insurance was unable to and I felt like I was sent home to die! That was on a Tuesday, that following Thursday evening a police officer showed up at our door to inform me I was to return back to the hos. they had found something on my bloodwork. In a panic we rushed back to the hospital to find out I had a gram-negative bacterial blood infection. I was hospitalized for a week but while I was there I told them about this nasty phlem I had been coughing up. They cultured a sputum sample and found mixed bacteria and candida dublinisis. I was put on flucanazole for 7 days. After the IV antibiotics and the anyifungal treatment I had about a two week period of feeling somewhat normal. It wasn’t to last tho. I started having joint and muscle pain along w/ fatigue an weakness and now on top of it my ear, mouth, and jaw hurt. I did another round of flucanazole this time a 14 day treatment. I haven’t responed to antifungals at all. I am still coughing up dark green or black mucus. I still have all of the other symptoms but now I feel like my brain is effected and my blood pressure, the diastolic esp, is high! I feel all around unwell and don’t get out of my bed much because any type of activity causes me to sweat horribly and I also am having balance and vision troubles along w/ tremors. I have an appt. at Mayo in MN July 25th 2012. I hope I make it that long! My quality of life is non-existant and I don’t feel like I have had the oppertunity to enjoy the child that I struggled so hard to get here! This has been a nightmare, and for the person who said this mother is trying to “up one” on the doctors, if you have never expierienced something like this you should really keep your comments to yourself! This mother has watched her child SUFFER, would you sit back and do nothing?