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Thu, Mar 7 6:59pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Hi Alex,

I have lots of anxiety. A therapist prescribed Lorazepam for me a few years ago and it has worked well, gets me calmed down quickly. I can take several pills a day as needed. I wish you the best. It's so hard to deal with anxiety.


Thu, Feb 7 9:23pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Thanks, Lisa.
I am trying to wrap my head around all this. Need to do much more research. Yes, I am aware of my financial option here and will request a return of the entrance fee as I believe they have violated my contract. Wish "they" cared more about the people here more than the $$, but most likely not. I'll keep trying.

Thu, Feb 7 9:13pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Thanks, John. Already looked up the number for SC and will also call the FL office!

Wed, Feb 6 9:52pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Hi Lisa,
Yes, I am serious about moving, but it is complicated. I have a borderline personality disorder and atypical dementia plus the bipolar. I have been living in independent continued care for about 3 years. I do not like the facility at all. There is no concern or understanding for mental health here, and I would say it is close to discrimination. I feel trapped, but don't know where to start. Also paid $120,000 entry fee here and $2,700/ month which has turned out to be a ripoff. Wish I had had a reference point and lots more info before I made this big mistake.

Mon, Feb 4 5:55pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

Things have calmed down a bit, still very depressed. Still want to move to someplace with great mental health care.

Thanks for responding!

Fri, Feb 1 9:41am · bipolar issues in Mental Health

I need help. Can I reach u by phone?

Fri, Feb 1 9:18am · bipolar issues in Mental Health

I need help. Is there any way I can connect to you by phone? Thanks.

Thu, Jan 31 3:49pm · bipolar issues in Mental Health

The absolute worst problem I have is anger. I just can't handle the great fluctuation in moods. People don't understand and it makes life very lonely. Have been told be several psychiatrists that I can't be helped. Most days it is unbearable. Sometimes I get confused about what the real problem is. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!