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May 18, 2012 · Women's Forum The name I chose is Annie's Place in Women's Health

China, the one thing I will tell you is that anytime anyone DEMANDS from you instead of WALKING WITH YOU that is a person who will drag you down. It has taken me a long time to consider that person extra baggage. ANYONE WHO IS TRULY a friend will not expect anything from you. A true friend might encourage you to get out, but will not be upset if you don’t. A true friend will want you by her side, but will not be angry if you leave. A true friend wants you happy, even if it means they are left a little sad! What you have to do is tell this friend what you expect of her if she is to be your friend. I KNOW. I have fought this battle with family and friends for 40 years and finally within the last year, I started letting go. I have let anyone go that pulls me down, hurts me, belittles me or does anything that does not help be become stronger or heal. I have not done anything in a way that I would have to apologize for my actions. With some family members, I actually explained to them how they were hurting me, and once I deleted them from Facebook, they called and left voice mails on my phone apologizing for their behavior, however it was too late for them to have me back in their lives. I WAS ALREADY FEELING GOOD ABOUT MY DECISIONS. I feel better standing up to family, my husband, my son, and friends now. I love people, I don’t and won’t argue, but I will discuss how I feel and what I expect in a relationship and give the person a chance to accept me or leave now. It’s really not complicated at all. It took awhile to get the nerve, but being hurt all the time was so painful. I have made it clear that my pain is real and that anyone (including physicians) needs to let me know up front if they believe in me…if not…walk away…l have no time to waste on anyone. My life is a lot less complicated, because you/we/me can let others make us sick or allow others to control how we feel about ourselves. BE STRONG, take a long look at yourself, and decide you are STRONG and you can face this world and anyone in it. You can do it alone or with family or without! It is nice to have family, but family may not always be around. If you love where you are, but are only missing your mom (I lived in California without my mom for two years, had a baby that she didn’t see…all of this made me stronger), go visit when you can, but see if getting out and enjoying life can make you a stronger you!!! Good luck!

May 18, 2012 · Women's Forum The name I chose is Annie's Place in Women's Health

Have your doctor test you! I didn’t realize there was such a test until I was plagued with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction!!!! The physician can easily test you to see how low your hormones are and you can start with an estrogen cream, a compounded cream made specifically for your body, or a vivelle patch or numerous other routes for women to take BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T STOP THERAPY, and let your hormones get so low that you develop a condition worse than hot flashes!!!! Ladies, please read, SHOULD YOU, your daughter, niece, mature adult ever get the dreadful problem of pelvic floor pain. Everything we hear about incontinence, pelvic pain is not a part of aging. It can be hormonal, or another problem. Thanks for allowing me to post.

May 18, 2012 · Women's Forum The name I chose is Annie's Place in Women's Health

I was tolerating my hot flashes ok, until I developed Pelvic Floor Dysfunction/vulvadynia/clitordynia…after all that agonizing pain developed, I went to a specialist who diagnosed me with almost no hormones and I’m back on the Vivelle patch, .5 and now the flashes are completely gone within one week. I am fighting the pelvic floor pain that I hope none of you ever develop!

May 18, 2012 · Morton's neuroma in Just Want to Talk

I have had neuroma surgery and the only thing I want you to understand should your doctor not tell you, is that EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE SURGERY, THE NEUROMA WILL COME BACK, unless your doctor cuts back far enough that you aren’t applying more pressure. Unless he cuts back toward the arch, expect to get them back. I have had two surgeries, and they are back. Only after the second surgery did I find out that the surgery is useless unless the nerve is cut back far enough. So I could care less is there is no feeling in that particular area. The pain is so much, it is impossible to live with, and especially with those nodules on the bottom of the foot. Walking in a way as not to have pain on that one foot will add pain to other parts of the body. They will not disappear on their own, so have the surgery, get it done correctly, and be pain free and move on with your life. I will if mine continue to get worse. Right now I am dealing with pelvic pain dysfunction and cannot handle anything else. Good luck.

May 18, 2012 · Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Women's Health

Yes, I went to the ER and that nurse practitioner was the worst one yet!!! He never so much as introduced himself, much less examined me or listened to what I had told him my symptoms were. He wrote up my pain as exactly “the one thing I asked him to understand that it was not–no pain when voiding”. BUT THAT WAS HOW HE DIAGNOSED ME. So much for him. I am in the midst of filing forms against him, not to get him fired, but to get him more training, or at least to the point that he can’t work in the ER without a doctor. He isn’t properly trained enough!

May 18, 2012 · Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Women's Health

Did you do anything at all to help make life easier while you had it other than what you have told me here. I am literally not having a life at all because of this agonizing pain. It eases off between 3 am and 10 am if I am lucky. Once I stand up or take a sip of water or anything, I feel the pain begin in the urethal area. If I didn’t know better I would think I was getting a kidney stone because it feels as though something with stickers is in the uretha. Then the horrible pain in the clitoris begins of painful “unwanted” arousal that is never ending. I use lidocaine and vitamin E oil. I do my therapy at home with the ball and breathing exercises and very limited squeeze with the knees. I know that the muscles have tightenend below and I am working to relax them, but I still feel as though there is a bladder or urethal issue here that is being overlooked; however they tell me that this nerve ending battle does involve all the nerves and can imitate a lot of problems. I certainly hope my pain goes away just as it appeared. Thanks for replying.

May 14, 2012 · uterine fibroid embolization in Digestive Health

I just read your post trying to find something about pelvic floor dysfunction. I haven’t had what you have had done, but I did have a hysterectomy at age 40 and it took me 8 weeks to get better. It was a very hard surgery for me. Every woman is different and don’t expect to be like your friends, since you have already had so many health issues. You seem to be a lot like myself with the health problems. So from someone who is probably older, try not to get depressed, DO some deep breathing to relax, and know that if noone else listens, I will try to be on here at least once a week. I have so much pain right now, I can hardly sit and I am trying to find something to sit on, trying to find a doctor who believes I have real pain, and a support group. Please take care and know that there are others who care about you and will listen. Keep researching and fight…don’t be afraid to ask questions, what next, change doctors, etc.

May 13, 2012 · Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Women's Health

Are any females in the US coping with Pelvic Floor dysfunction, Vulvadynia, Clitordynia? I was recently diagnosed with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and have had some therapy but my insurance is fighting me so hard. On August 4, 2011, this agonizing pain began and has signifcantly progressed to the entire vulva area both inside and out. I am in constant, agonizing, burning, seering pain! I only have relief when taking sitz baths or soaking in Epsom Salts. I have only had one physician in my area to say that he believes I have “real” pain. I recently discovered a letter in my files stating that the GYN nurse practictioner thought I needed a mental evaluation, after telling me she would be there for me and help me through this horrible ordeal. When I initially asked her if I might have Vulvadynia, she had never heard the disease and I find that many doctors are not aware of it and after seeing me, they just pass me off as the National Vulvadynia Association states that this is what patients will experience. Even though I read this, it doesn’t make it easier to accept. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this pain and what you might have found for relief or “cure”. I would love to have a moment of relief from this feeling that acid has been poured on my private area and that I just burning. I would love to think that I could sit down in a chair and not have to lie down whenever I rest.