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May 8, 2012 · gastric bypass surgery in Digestive Health

I’m new here so please excuse any “Bo-Bo’s” I might make. I had the roux-n-y surgery after seeing the surgeon once and his asst. RN once. I hemoraged post op and almost bled out before the surgeon would even come in, 5 hrs! He just said ” I don’t know what to do” and my daughter told him he better find someone who did. he turned me over to a gastro. dr. Who put me in icu and dropped an ng tube, he was afraid if he scoped me he might tear whatever was bleeding worse, so they. Pumped the blood to me and the Dr. Told my Daughter to call any other family members, we. Live 3 hrs. Away, because I probably would not make it through the night. He told me he was going to keep me heavily sedated so I wouldn’t be moving much. I was in ICUs 3days. It was a good thing the Dr. And hospital had to be prepaid because my ins. Wouldn’t pay, so they couldn’t charge me the 52,000.00 they had to write off. This was in 2002 and I have many problems from it. But it did make the severe diabetes go away, which is why I had the surgery in the first place. I was on massive Amts of insulin the endocrinologist said my body just did not utilize the insulin. Has anyone heard of this before? I was an RN for over 30 yrs. but had never heard of this. My main question is because I got peripheral neuropathy badly before the surgery, and have to take narcotic pain meds for that and 6ruptured discs, 2at each level. I also have fibromyalgia. I don’t seem to absorb the meds. Even my heart and blood pressure meds. I have to take lrg. Doses. My pain management dr.,whom I have only had for abt. 1yr, doesn’t seem to take this into consideration. Does anyone know if pain meds. Can be measured in your blood not just positive or negative? Sorry this is so long, whew it feels good to be able to talk to people who understand and not just judge you for having to take pain meds!