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May 29, 2012 · colon resection in Digestive Health

I’ve had two. The first when I was 26. the second October 24, 2011–I am still attempting to recover. This time is was approx. 12 inches of my decending colon.
I did not feel my prep going in was appropropriate….recommend research and ask surgeon about having a empty colon prior to surgery. I was not instructed to have an empty colon which I believe began my long journey and recovery challenge. Additionally, I was pushed into a soft then regular diet prior to leaving the hospital. I was not ready and as a result I was in the ER two days later with a compacted rectum. My recovery has been challening; a recent colonoscopy has revealed an area of diaverticula may have been ‘missed’ and that possibly some of my problems are related to scar tissue causing obstructions (from prior surgeries). In any event, do your research (Colectomy), get a good internist, a good gastroenteriologist and a good surgeon and ask questions about prep and post op before going in. I am an intelligent active person; I was so miserable I jumped in without doing enough research. Now trying to get into Mayo MN; they won’t take me so I may have to go back to AZ. Mayo was my primary care physician in AZ. all very frustrating; just want my life back. I believe the surgery was a good thing to do; be proactive and watch the post-op diet and don’t push regular foods until your system is ready. Research fiber, however, note that too much fiber post surg can cause problems. Diet is a challenge; have to keep it healthy. Probiotics have helped and were recommended by the gastroenterologist post-colonoscopy done about a month ago. I still have pain, am not regular and have horrible gas. Everyone’s system reacts differently to this surgery so do your homework and ask lots of questions. good luck.

May 29, 2012 · laparoscopic surgery for diverticulitis and its results in Digestive Health

I was diagnosed with diverticulites several years ago. In 2010 I began experiencing recurrent blockages landing me in the hospital and ER on numerous occasions. Ct scans revealed diver.; subsequent to several episides, I was referred to a surgeon without intervention of a gastroenterologist. I should note I have also had issues with scar tissue from prior surgeries possibly causing blockages. My suggestion is to obtain a second opinion from a good Gastro prior to talking to a surgeon and explore all options. I had surgery October 24, 2011 and as of today am still not recovered. It was determined during a recent colonoscopy that they may have ‘missed’ a section of the decending color with a large diverticula in place which would have been removed. Additionally, my surgeon now believe that they may have missed some old scar tissue which may be or was possibly causing the blockages to begin with. I have tried to get into Mayo for a second opinion; they will not take me despite my having treated at Mayo in AZ for years.
All I can say is, be sure you really need the surgery; obtain second opinions from a good internest, a gastroenterologist and surgeon prior to moving forward.
My recovery has been a nightmare and life-changing. A colectomy is serious business; do your research on complications, surgery prep, recovery, etc. I live in a small city; my only option is to fly to AZ to see a physician since Mayo MN won’t see me…very frustrating. Explore your options.