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May 23, 2012 · Thanks for requesting my friendship. It is such a nice feeling to in Just Want to Talk

Thanks for requesting my friendship. It is such a nice feeling to be heard and recognized. I love your profile pic. I have a Wildlife Habitat and grew up in a “medical household”. My Dad was an herbalist, my Mom an Inhalation Therapist at Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, Ca. I’ve been studying and growing herbs as part of the 13 year old garden I carved out of this desolate desert I live in. I just got really invested when I myself became ill. Like anything one would ingest, herbs need to be introduced slowly and deliberately one at a time. I hate the “holistic retail movement” where everything is labeled “natural” and therefore we’re told each is needed. Well, arsenic is natural to the ground water, and all medicines come from nature. Where the H else to people think not only chemical meds come from, but every single thing in the world come originally from the Earth. One of my many beliefs is contained in a little book called “THE MASTER CLEANSE” by Stanley Burroughs. It was written way before everyone hopped on the clean the colin bandwagon. I see acne is one of your challenges. I had adult cystic acne for many years, ’till my hysterectomy. So, my acne was caused from the unbalance of hormones. There are so many causes, environmental to inside the body. It is one of the worst illnesses, as it is worn right there on our face for everyone to see & for us to see whenever we look at ourselves. I never ingest honey. But I believe it to be invaluable for masks. My oldest daughter suffers from it, and one of the many masks is so simple. Honey and cinnamon. Cinnamon has many beneficial uses as an aid to digestion and removing toxins from the body. Just make a mud like mix 1 part honey to 3 parts cinnamon. No need to worry about the exact measure, natural products aren’t always consistent. Apply and scrub, let dry for 5 ~ 10 minutes, rinse. Adding cinnamon to butter for toast, to the eggs for french toast etc., is a good digestive aid.
Now, if I could just figure out how to cure my own debilitating depression. It takes hours to shake it off every day. Once or twice a week I almost have peace & contentment for a couple hours. 10 years ago this person I am now did not exist. The reasons are another long letter, so, I will save it for next time. I hope you respond, please feel free to write more than the usually accepted 2 lines. I am a good listener. And a talker….. @china

May 5, 2012 · Please help me in Women's Health

5 years of medical study and you can’t form a sentence in proper English? It is sad. I can’t even read this new “language”. This generation of children are growing up being taught that this is the written word! Absurd.

Apr 26, 2012 · hello Marian i m so sorry for the loss of ur daughter in Just Want to Talk

Hi, I have many serious physical & emotional challenges now. Ones that frighten me horribly. I am depressed to the point of not only considering suicide, but contemplating it daily. If I could get my hands on a vial of sodium pentathol, (I know what the drug does), I would inject it right this minute. I have other means at my disposal, but I really want to just go to sleep. I don’t sleep well. I wake up at least every hour, every night for about 1 1/2 years now. No kidding. The doctor just writes it down as I go literally crazy. When being given anesthesia for surgery, the brain stem is about the only thing left working to assure the patient has no conscious feeling or knowledge of the operation. Likely 5 times a normal dose and I could just fall asleep, without the fear of torment and awareness of the process. Is English your first language? I know there is a new text talk. But, I am not able to read this new language. I came on this site for help, if I wanted to read a bunch of garbage I’d just stick with F.B. The way English and all language has been spoken & written for the entirety of written history is in danger of being destroyed in one generation. Please don’t take offense, if I want to learn a new language I prefer it to be signing. Being that you are a medical student, you might want to think about if you should allow yourself to fall into this lazy way of writing. I believe not teaching children to write with a pencil to be a catastrophic mistake, one that will have far reaching consequences. If you still want to be my friend, which I hope, please let me know. If you think I am being high minded, I will assume that I won’t be hearing from you. Sincerely, Marian P.S. Thanks for speaking of my daughter, I miss her so much it physically hurts.

Apr 13, 2012 · Hi, I'm Marian. I am also seriously depressed. I was given 3 in Just Want to Talk

Hi, I’m Marian. I am also seriously depressed. I was given 3 different anti-depressants and what horror. So, I am with you for the natural remedy. I have a big garden. Long story~like everyone~but I have found it to be true that going outside every day and getting the Sun on me is a start. Herbs, which it just occurred to me recently that that’s what spices are, are really easy to grow. You can buy the seedlings and grow like 6 herbs in a 2′ X 2′ bed. I prefer containers myself. Anything could be used if cash is one of your challenges. I have found it to be true that making my own tea leaves helps. Yoga, meditation and visualization have helped more than all medical advice combined. I got tired of hearing that until I noticed that the Eastern cultures of the world beat us on health hands down. They are committed to spiritual health and they eat mostly veggies. Very little meat. Mint ~if you don’t garden a rule is to never put mint in the ground, it will take over, anyway mint and lemon balm are the first herbs for tea I tried. Then, since I already have literally 100’s of plantings & a Certified Wildlife Habitat, that I was already growing edible flowers. It’s a happy moment to see sunflower petals in my yogurt mix. There are a lot of edible flowers that have properties for helping find contentment again. Rose petals can be eaten or made for tea. Of coarse, they have to be grown organically. But that is easier anyway. Just knowing that I grew the spices in the soup etc., makes me feel good. And for me, those moments of joy just need to be embraced and made to last longer than a moment. Growing anything, especially flowers brings beauty. When my Daughter died I almost died. Watching her sisters pain is still unbearable. I think if DeAnna hadn’t loved the garden so much and I didn’t still grow for the wildlife, I would have killed myself. I think about it too much as it is. So, I go out and look at the Daffodils and other Spring blooming plants and for a moment feel alive. I hope you try it, start with a few herbs and flowers. You might just get bitten by the gardening bug. Better than the bug of depression we have, right. Let me know what you think O.K? Sincerely, Marian @lynchp05

Apr 13, 2012 · Tonsil cancer in Head & Neck Cancer

Dear Julieann, I am so sorry about the death of your Son. No one but us Mom’s know the pain of losing a child. They began life inside our actual body, and so, for me, the pain is not only emotional, but physical. What is his name? If you don’t mind me asking. I’m so glad you ordered the book. In the thousands of hours of research I’ve done while looking for how to be well, toxins are a common thread in every article from the natural world. The medical community as a whole has let me down my entire life. I have had chronic pain always with Kyphosis. I just lived with it and worked as a 21 dealer first (after my kids were born), and then a waitress. It wasn’t until I got the “Hyperkeratotic fissured hand ecxema” that effectively forced me to quit working. I get these callouses that crack pretty deep all over my palms and inside my thumbs and bleed. It just won’t go away. I’ve had it for 13 years now. It is painful and a pain. I have to glove up to rinse a stupid glass. I have tried, well, you know how it is. Everything. Asked everyone in every type of setting. I know that this dry climate exacerbates the condition. It is about 2D (I don’t have a “degree” icon on my keyboard) humidity here. I used to like the weather, but now I am really sick of freezing my bottom off 5 months a year. 30 years I have lived here, time for a change. My “husband” proved he cares more about the house than me, so it is up to me alone to move. He can live in his little world alone. Another story. Sorry. And we get maybe an inch of rainfall a year. Well, it is the desert. I started gardening 12 years ago. I really need to see green instead of brown. I thought I could create like a gilded cage of beauty. We can’t even have a lawn because the property is hilly. Anyway, I digress. I was thinking that you know how everything is antibacterial now. Well, it kills the good bacteria that our body produces to fight the bad. Maybe starting to take probiotics would help balance out your immune system. As I am sure you know,our immune system is in our digestive tract. Nature Sunshine products are the best. I’ve been studying health in nature for a long time. If I think of Eastern cultures, the way they eat and how much emphasis is put on spiritual alignment I see why they, as a half of the world, are much healthier than us hands down. I started meditating, practicing yoga and embracing visualization about a year ago. It has been more beneficial than every medical practice put together. If a cell can turn into cancer (I am not agreeing with the doctors about your new symptom being about that), just an example. anyway, if a cell can morph into cancer, it can go back. I am learning that our mind and spirit has way more power than I thought. I am not well, unfortunately, but I am having some peace in my life sometimes. I hadn’t had a moment of peace since I walked in after work to find DeAnna waiting, she’d been held captive, raped, drugged and so much more. She was dead 5 years later. Another story for another time.I am amazed at how natural foods and even how they are grown nowadays can affect our health. I hope you find the path to removing those awful toxins from your mouth, & therefore your system. I hope you don’t ever have to be cut again. I hope that together all of us can share our knowledge and find health again. The depression is what keeps me from really being able to get well, but my garden is the 1 place I am happy. DeAnna loved the garden. She lived her life in fear, even though her husband was 6’5″ and the biggest man I have ever known. She had weapons stashed all over her house, a specially trained dog & still couldn’t be alone, ever. Her autopsy came back “undetermined”. She died in her sleep, my only comfort. She didn’t die in fear. I know that her heart just beat itself to death. She would have been 32 on April 11th. Take good care and please let me know how things are progressing O.K? Marian

Apr 12, 2012 · I sent a friend request. Maybe we can help each other. Marian in Just Want to Talk

I sent a friend request. Maybe we can help each other. Marian @juliann

Apr 12, 2012 · Hi, I'm Marian. A lot of things led me to my current in Just Want to Talk

Hi, I’m Marian. A lot of things led me to my current state of deep depression. I have been dedicated to all of the ways I’ve heard to combat this awful feeling I wake with daily. I tried a couple medications, which were like horror dreams times a million. I couldn’t believe the result of following the advice of the Psychiatrist that treated my deceased Daughter during the last year of her life. 3 different anti-depressants, 1 was a 20 hour nightmare the likes of which I have never been in, 2 was I thought I was going to die~I kid you not~I made my husband call into work, and 3 was that I wanted to kill myself, not that that’s new, but this was an entirely different level. I have a Certified Wildlife Habitat on my 1/3 acre property. I planted it over the last 12 yrs. since we built the house for retirement. Cottage style house that had dirt, rocks and beautiful boulders. I spent years planting trees, shrubs ~ herbaceous & woody~bulbs galore to cover the ground.I have literally hundreds of plants, no lawn since the property is only flat in front, thousands of bulbs, corms & rhizomes etc. Anyway, I digress. The prescription for home help that I’ve found says to get dressed, wash, brush, hair, make~up, all that stuff even if I’m staying home. To go outside daily. I’ve learned to meditate and I practice yoga. All of the things to rise above. I wake up every day wishing I was dead. 3 years now. I have lived here in the desert for 30 years. I want to move to somewhere green. A garden community. Volunteer with kids at school gardens. My husband won’t even consider moving. We are lucky to get 1″ of rainfall a year. It is either hot & windy or … biting cold and windy. I can only garden 7 months out of the year. I’ve been cooking & cleaning since I was 7. I used to love to cook, now I am sick of it. I hate cooking. I hate cleaning up after him. I have a blood and nerve illness that keeps me in constant pain. Not like the old pain I have always been plagued by. I had endometriosis and I have kyphosis. I had to quit work not from the back pain, but because I got a rare ecxema that attacks the palms of hands. It forms callouses that tear from the surrounding skin and bleed. Pretty deep cuts, all the time. 8~10 fissures at a time, all the time. I have to glove up for everything. I have tried literally 100’s of remedies. This dry climate is certainly a factor. One can’t deal 21 or serve food with blood on cards or plates. It effectively stopped me from working, which I liked. I like people. I am good with people because I genuinely like them. Good thing gardening requires gloves. I can’t sleep with my self laying down, my legs burn & cramp, seriously like a seizure. I dose on the couch sitting kind of slumped with my feet on the floor. No doctor listens. “Take anti-inflamitories” they say RIGHT. Useless. No painkiller helps at all. My physicality is making my decisions for me. So that’s part of my self absorbed story. I used to be a happy, content, crazy busy Mom and wife and had a job. Kids are grown. My youngest Daughter died when she was 27. She would have been 32 yesterday. We tried to save her. I spent no less than 50 hours a week with her the last year of her life. Another time I will tell the story if I find anyone here who wants to be my friend. I hope so, my old friends went away. I am totally alone & lonely. Jim cares more about this house than me. Maybe we can help each other. I know I talk a lot at times. I listen actively too. Marian @azure

Apr 12, 2012 · Tonsil cancer in Head & Neck Cancer

Hi, Julianne. That must be sickening in your mouth. I have been doing a lot of research about toxins in the system. We live with 100 times more toxins ~ air, water, food etc.~ than people in the early 1800’s. Our bodies just don’t know what to do with it all. I had a toxic overload for about a year that was ruining my life. It almost killed me, doctors knew ZIP. I must have tried 6 different “toxic relief” remedies before I heard of the lemonade fast. I wasn’t aware that lemons (organic) have properties that first remove the toxin, then help it escape the body. It sounded silly at first, but then I got the little book and read about the benefits of lemons and tried it. Within a few days the toxins started eliminating. Now, whenever I start having the symptoms (I’ll tell my story some other time), I drink the mixture, which is quite good. The book can be ordered online, or purchased at any health food store ~$6.00~a short book full of, for me, life saving info. It’s called “The Master Cleanser” by Stanley Burroughs.I use organic lemon juice & organic maple syrup organic cayenne pepper (which I make from the peppers I grow in my herb/veg garden). I don’t have lemon trees to pick from around here! The book is bright yellow. I never did the total cleanse, I continued having a homemade vegetable ONLY soup for lunch, because I couldn’t do what was necessary to come off the fast. I believe that 90% of the food available today is not food anymore. The body does nor recognize it as food. I didn’t look at your profile, but I am 57 and I remember there being one kind of “boxed food” when I was little. Pot pies. Now, the fruit & veg, dept. is the only place where real food from the Earth is. I’m not a fanatic, I just believe that the diet should consist of mostly fruits/vegetables and grains. I used to hate hearing “grains” I use wild rice mixtures, pasta, beans, I add different seeds like sesame to my stirfry. I grow some herbs, very easy to grow, I choose the ones with the most benefit. I believe Americans eat WAY TOO MUCH MEAT A serving is the size of the palm of your individual hand. Please give it a try, I really think it must be a reminder every moment of the cancer you beat having that sickening symptom. Please let me know O.K? P.S. The lemonade would also cut the actual mucus from your tongue for a nice start. Good luck, take good care, Marian