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Apr 12, 2012 · multiple myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Oh Thank You David for responding so quickly. My next appt. is on the 16th April, I’ll contact you for answers re: medications, chemo…sideaffects etc. if that’s OK with you.
Have a Sunny Day,

Apr 11, 2012 · multiple myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hi David,
I read you blog comment — wow- just how do you stay sooo positive ???? Am open to all of your advice.
For me, (65) all this started back in ’09, with high levels of protein I had my 2nd bone marrow biopsy last week and am awaiting results. Looks like it’s the start of Smoldering Myeloma. I found lately, I continue to search other Cancer sites, hoping to understand this disease. Unfortunately, that leads to over load of the mind, with increased depression.
As for pain…. there’s sooo much of it. My spine over the last 10yrs. has showed severe degenerative changes, am fused @ C3toC7, and L3 to S1, with dextrorotatory scloiosis. So when Dr.Moore ask me if there is new bone pain, I say yes, but how to tell if it is MM or Osteoporosis, which now is at the fracture level of my left hip, forearm and @ T12 & L2… Wondering how the “TECH” can distinguish between Lytic lesions and osteoporsis.
David, I understand I will need to keep up on good nutrition, I’m losing weight down to 107lbs, use to be 5’3 am now 5′, any advise or tips will be greatly appreciated.
Wishing You a Sunny Day,

Apr 11, 2012 · Want to talk about Multiple Myeloma: Anyone else? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Asking anyone who is going thru this experience to share any pro’s or con’s of this disease. As of now I’m in MGUS, will find our next week if it has progress to Smoldering Myeloma.

Apr 11, 2012 · Smoldering Mylenmona. Have an abnormal protein in my blood in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hello Anonymous, Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells of the bone marrow, while Amyloidosis is a condition in which myeloma light chains (Benz Jones proteins) are deposited in tissues and organs throughout the body. This occurs more commonly with lambda versus kappa Bence Jones proteins. In patients with amyloidosis, the light chain proteins bind to certain tissues such as eart, nerves and kidney rather than being excreted out of the body through the kidneys.
I will find out next week if I’m starting Smoldering Myeloma. Just had my 2nd Bone Marrow biopsy last week. The waiting and not knowing are not kind to the mind or body, …..Anonymous, I wish you a Sunny Day. Donna

Apr 11, 2012 · Smoldering Mylenmona. Have an abnormal protein in my blood in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Hello, after reading these posts, I realize I’m really not alone. In the 2 yrs since I’ve been diagnosed with MGUS, my abnormal protein went from 0.4 to 2.6, when I reach 3.0, I can start chemo.
As for pain, there’s sooo much of it, but am not sure if it is MM or osteroarthritis or degenative disc disease of my spine. which also has dextrorotary scoliosis, I am fused from L3 to S1, and from C3 to C7, Also had my 2nd BoneMarrow biopsy, awaiting results to find out if it’s now Smoldering MM. The waiting and not knowing are not kind to the mind or body.
I’m wishing everyone a Sunny Day, Donna

Apr 10, 2012 · MGUS in Blood Cancers & Disorders

MGUS ” Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance, abnomal protein in blood.. My Oncologists tells me a good diet will not stop the progress of Multiple Myeloma. Just had my 2nd Bone Marrow biopsy last week, because of a significate spike in my “M” protein..which is now 2.6, when I reach 3, I then can start chemo. Last weeks blood draw(every 90 days) showed BenzJones(abnormal proteins) in my urine, so far I am pain free and MRI”s show no bone lytic lesions, (holes)…Yea! Life is Good…..

Find a Oncologist, ask many questions and the Mayo clinic can give you info on Multiple Myeloma. Wishing You a Sunny Day.

Apr 10, 2012 · spinal stenosis in Spine Health

Dooley, yes It is one of the symptoms, wondering if you also have pain down either leg? I had 2 laminectomies for stenosis, using a Orthopedic surgeron, when I should have gone to a Neurosurgeon, lesson learned. Because of those 2 failed surgeries, I am now fused from C3 to C7 (neck) and L3 to S1 ( lumbar) . Dooley, talk to a neursurgeon , and while you’r there talk to other patients in the waiting room, asks many questions to those who have a simular situation. Wishing you sunshine !!!

Apr 10, 2012 · I am a 91 year-old woman (although look 20 years younger and in Just Want to Talk

didn’t mean to post 3 x, need to take computer class 101 …..