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Apr 11, 2012 · Dementia perhaps in Brain & Nervous System

he is on levadopa., exelon, namenda , serequel and wellburtrin

Apr 11, 2012 · lewy body in Brain & Nervous System

My husband dones’t have the hallunications or fallsl he too was very athletic and did play college football and had concussions. Like I said he does have ” some” of the symptons but not the more common ones so I think that is why the Dr’s don’t really know what is going on but for some reason one likes to label it as the DLB with “parkonsonisms” … so I am stil in seach of answers. He can still dress himself and walk ( although his gait is off ) but he is totally a different person that he was 2 years ago. Plus he has the masked looked or blank look in his face all the time…One day at a time is my motto for now… Good luck and God bless!

Apr 11, 2012 · lewy body in Brain & Nervous System

the reason we started going to the dr’s in the first place was breathing issues, personality changes, lack of empathy and extreme fatigue. Then I began noticing small details with his memory, rigitity in his torso and neck and shuffling gait. He doens’t fall and hasnt and has no tremors. Just a totally different person that what he was and now he hums or make noises all the time ( even at sleep) and he isn’t aware of it . HIs memory is really bad; long term is fine, short term is awful plus now he has developed obsession w/ lottery tickets too. Here is a guy who never spent money and now I have to hide money and credit cards cause it is like he lost his filter in making good decisilons. He is on levadopa which has helped the rigidity in his torso and is on exelon and namenda but there isn’t any difference at all. His sleep patterns are bad too- even though he is on serequel to help him sleep he is up a few times a night and is usually up at 500 to start his day. It is just really frustrating cause he doesnt fit into any one category and doens’t have a lot of the main symptoms that he should have ( like hallunications for the DLB) but no dr can agree so I am looking to help . Plus his breathing still sucks and no one can figure out why… his pulmpnary work outs came out clean….So here I am still searching for answers…

Apr 11, 2012 · Progressive supranuclear palsy PSP in Just Want to Talk

I am curious to know your symptoms …all of them. My husband is suspected of maybe having this but no one is sure yet. He has been suspected of either having this, FTLD or DLB….but he doens’t have any falls although his gate is off and his cognitive abilities are awful. I just want to compare symptons… Good luck and god bless for I have read up on this PSP and I know it sucks! I will keep you in my prayers


Thank you for the insigt- I too am readying the 36 hour day…but again I am not convinced the dr’s are right. I hate to be so skeptical but ….so we shall see. Going to another specialist in Pittsburgh on Thursday so I am anxious to see what he t hinkgs

Apr 5, 2012 · Frontal Lobe Dementia in Brain & Nervous System

my husband is suspected of maybe having FTD also- I am curious though by what you mean about how is behavior is inappropriate. Can you be anymore specific because I don’t think my husband has this. How is your husband’s memory? Anything you can prrovide wil lbe helpful

Apr 5, 2012 · Progressive supranucler palsy in Brain & Nervous System

My husband, 58 yoa is suspected of maybe having this but dr’s are still going back and forth trying to figure out what he has . Can you please provide any symptoms that you have so that I may compare with my husbands? i would appreciate it

Apr 5, 2012 · lewy body in Brain & Nervous System

My husband is suspected of maybe having this but dr’s are still not sure. He has some symptoms but not others…and he doesn’t fall either or have hallucinations. please let me know what your loved one’s symptoms are. I would like to compare