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Mar 30, 2012 · Agent Orange/Dioxin related illnesses in Just Want to Talk

You are not alone. I am a Nam Vet, (1970) and have Type II Diabetes, pereipheral Neuropathy in all 4 extremities and a host of other problems. My 38 year old daughter has MS. She was diagnosed on her 21st Birthday. She started with occular, migrane headaches. She gets a infusion once a month for an hour and must sit still for another hour. My son has had allergies almost from birth and asthma from shortly there after. My two grandchildren also have asthmatic problems. There are over 12 cancers recognised by the Veterans Administration that are regarded as being presumtive for our exposure to Agent Orange, (actually it was the Diioxin created in cooking the Agent Orange). The latest conditions are Parkinsons Disease and isthemic heart disease. Go to Vietnam Veterans of America, click on The Faces of Agent Orange and be horrified by the stories of our children and grandchildren. They are stories of the ones that lived. I can’t tell you how many still birtgs happened to veterans wives. Please check it out.