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Mar 24, 2012 · Agent Orange/Dioxin related illnesses in Just Want to Talk

Hi Tiffie… My husband was an Agent Orange Veteran who was treated at Mayo in Rochester, and succumbed to A/O related cancers 5 years ago. All 3 of our children have chronic health issues. My son in paticular has symptoms that you describe…. severe intermuscular & joint pains that have defied definitive diagnosis since he was a kid. The children & grandchildren of Vietnam Veterans have a myriad of illnesses & medical conditions that could well be related to their parent’s toxic exposure. I’ve been involved with an on-line organization called Agent Orange Legacy for several years, fighting for health insurance for the children of Vietnam Veterans… the Legacy has been compiling a data base of all the illnesses of our children… you may want to check it out You’ll find plenty of us in the same boat, discussing Agent Orange & our related health issues there, looking for answers. Agent Orange Legacy can also be found on Facebook.
There’s also a more recent activiist offshoot of Legacy that can be found on FB called Children of Vietnam Veterans, working on this same issue. with a little different focus.
Good luck to you.