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Tue, Mar 12 9:09pm · Tapering off Lyrica gave me panic, nausea, extreme anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@lioness, Hi, I have used WebMD.com for years. Information only, no products. Thanks for mentioning nih.gov. We have to be our own advocates.

Tue, Mar 12 3:26pm · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

@artscaping, Hello, I'm very interested in your post. I hope to hear more of your experience. Thank you!

Fri, Feb 22 11:03am · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

@parus, BMS is burning mouth syndrome. Also known as atypical or classic trigeminal neuralgia. I have posted numerous explanations and experiences if you are interested.

Thu, Feb 21 6:12pm · Depression and Anxiety at an older age in Depression & Anxiety

@parus I have learned that my chiropractor can do wonders for me. When I come home I am able to take a nap and feel so much better when I wake up. He uses a pro-adjuster and knows bout BMS.

Wed, Feb 13 2:06pm · burning mouth syndrome very severe in Just Want to Talk

@minijo43 What scripts were they?

Fri, Feb 8 7:47pm · Morning Anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@parus, what is EMDR?

Wed, Feb 6 3:00pm · depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@brit, yoga is a great idea. I'm hoping to start a new class soon. It's very relaxing and helpful for anxiety

Tue, Jan 22 5:49pm · Morning Anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

@brit, I fully agree. I never know how bad the pain might be. I just know it will be there, no matter what I do. I try to find distractions, like a little coffee, music, or tv. Having my dog here helps too. but sometimes she is so demanding that it makes it worse.