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Mar 14, 2012 · Humor as a Coping Tool in Just Want to Talk

Hi…I live alone but have two dogs who cheer me daily. Have just been diagnosed with breast cancer ( early) and at age 77 wonder how to best enjoy the years left to me…I am the leader of several writing groups and when we get together we share life stories many of which are hilarious. We all love to laugh! I love to share my dogs’ antics as they are a hoot together, especially when they catch the smell of a woodchuck or rabbit close by. Who will chase first? How quickly can the chuck WHISTLE a warning and escape down his hole in the ground?
Laughter is so good and so important for our immune systems.

Mar 14, 2012 · Breast Cancer & Mastectomy in Breast Cancer

Hi grammy, I just joined this community and saw your post. I just was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer…have had the lumpectomy and am now waiting to see if the path reports say I have to go on to node excision chemo or radiation etc. I too am a gramma, have had not female relatives with breast cancer! My goal is to change my diet to strengthen my immune system and to cope with this diagnosis so suddenly. Have you had another opinion for your situation?