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Mar 20, 2012 · post traumatic stress disorder in Mental Health

Hi Melissa, you must have a real tough time having to deal with 4 children, especially having 2 with disabilities. I don’t have kids, never could have them. I think it may be God’s way of stopping the trail of abuse. I would hate to think that if I’d had kids, I could have passed it on. I’ve been praying every night about my nightmares, specifically, they have lessened but they have just shifted to different topics, however, still haunting. Are you receiving any kind of treatment? When I lived in Canada I had a wonderful doctor that I worked with. As you may know we don’t have to pay for any kind of health care, it’s covered with the taxes we pay. But now that I’m in the U.S. I have no support. None. My husband tries to be supportive, but he doesn’t get it. So, the anxiety keeps growing, and growing…… please write again, maybe we can be of support to each other. Carolyn

Mar 7, 2012 · post traumatic stress disorder in Mental Health

Thanks for the kind words bigred. I do pray, a lot. I know I need to find forgiveness but it’s very difficult since it still goes on to this day. And I just turned 50!!! I’m afraid I’ll take this to my grave. Does God not put us all here for a reason? Am I being made to suffer through this as part of my purpose in life?

Mar 7, 2012 · post traumatic stress disorder in Mental Health

Hi Roxie, thanks for your response. I don’t have any medical insurance and even if I did it looks like none of them cover any mental health issues. I’ve moved to the United States about a year ago. At home, in Canada, I had just begun therapy using EMDR. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would jump at the chance to deal with this through a specialist but I just don’t have the funds to do so. I feel terribly alone with this, my husband tries to be supportive, God bless him. But if you haven’t suffered anything like this, there is no way to try to understand or feel what you’re feeling. It has increased dramatically over the past 2 years. I had to move in with my Mom to nurse her until she died. I had to move back into the house where all of the terrible things happened growing up. The nightmares got really bad, and since I’ve moved on, after her death, the nightmares are not letting up. I don’t have anywhere to turn and am very afraid of where this will take me if not treated. Thanks so much Roxie,
Kind regards,

Mar 5, 2012 · post traumatic stress disorder in Mental Health

Is there anyone that is suffering from this other than the obvious reasons such as a war vet? mine is related to my upbringing and I have nightmares several times a week, reliving the pain, neglect, and verbal abuse. The nightmares are getting more frequent and worse over time. I feel anxious, unfocused, unable to motivate myself to do things that I know would make me feel better, temporarily at least. Worsening depression. My husband is empathic but doesn’t understand the affect my upbringing has had on me, it’s very dibiltating in many ways.