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Mar 4, 2012 · Undefined connective tissue disorder in Just Want to Talk

I sympathize with you. I have had a lot of similar problems. I was initially given a diagnosis of UCTD from my rheumatologist. He thought it looked like it was developing into scleroderma though. That was a year ago and it is still “undifferentiated” which is a good thing, I guess. I’ve heard that diseases that take a long time to develop are often less severe than the ones that appear suddenly and are easy to diagnose. Who knows though, I don’t feel lucky. ; )

I have a high positive ANA and once had a positive RF like you. Since then I’ve had these levels tested several times and the ANA always remains high, but the RF is now negative.

I also have the chills and hot spells, aching body, flu-like feelings, some weakness, and Raynaud’s. I don’t have a lot of inflammation though. My levels have always been normal somehow. I have other odd symptoms too – I have GERD (heartburn) which is really common in scleroderma, neuropathy (nerves malfunctioning causing tingling and other sensations like burning), migraines, and some skin issues (feelings of tightness, itching, and so on, even though my skin looks the same as always).

I’ve seen tons of specialists and they even disagree about whether I have UCTD or not. Feel free to ask me questions or send me a personal message to talk about any of this.