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Mar 4, 2012 · Undefined connective tissue disorder in Just Want to Talk

New to this site, first time posting. Looking for input on UCTD I was a very active Crossfiter.. Finally found an exercise I loved and was addicted to.. Dec 10, 2010, changed my life completely. Felt like I had the flu, achy body, hot and cold chills, couldn’t get out of bed without assistance.. I did get a little better after approx a week, but I continued to have hairloss, inflammation, raynaulds, achy painful muscles & joints. Sometimes I feel like I have injured a knee or ankle or wrist that could last for hours or days.. Goes away as fast as it came on.. I continue to have constant weakness, from lifting something to walking up a flight of stairs to unscrewing a jar.. I continue to have pain that can be excruciating at times.. All test had came back in the normal range except a mildly elevated RA.. In 2004 I had a similar flare up with a mildly positive ANA, but it went away and all test besides RA are with in normal limits.. My rheum. Put me on plaquinil and prednisone and no Savella.. I have an appt at the Mayo clinic in Minnesota in march.. Just looking for someone who is sharing the same sort of things..