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Aug 20, 2016 · Treatment for varicose veins in Heart & Blood Health

Yes, I have had ablation treatment on vericose veins a couple of years ago. It was an easy procedure, and I have had good results.

Aug 14, 2016 · problems after chlamydia in Women's Health

Hi, my daughter has interstitial cystitis and has had the annoying urge to frequently urinate. At first she thought she had a uti, but this was not the case. She has had success with controlling her diet, albeit, she has had to do without several things that she likes. Some of these things include chocolate, tomato products, anything with a citrus flavor, sodas. The list is long and she is left with a very bland diet. Occasionally she will go off her diet, but tries her best to adhere closely to it.
I hope this helps you. I know how hard it is to forgo so many items that you like and are used to eating. Good luck to you.

Jul 9, 2016 · I have acid reflux so bad it is coming up into my sinuses in Digestive Health

Hi, I never heard of bitters before. Could you explain what it is? Thank you!

Jul 7, 2016 · utopian garcinia in Healthy Living

Hi! I have taken Garcinia and another herb called colostrum. The Garcinia may have been slightly different than the one in which you are referring, as it is Nature Sunshine’s version. I did fine with both of them and took one after each meal. It curbed my appetite which made it easier to lose or maintain weight. I felt completely normal and had no feelings like I was speeding. I do agree with you that you should talk to your psychiatrist first, as you don’t want to upset s delicate balance with your meds. The problem is is that many doctors don’t know much about herbs and only pharmaceutical products.

Jul 7, 2016 · Does anyone have these symptoms along with IBS? in Digestive Health

I have been seeing a certified naturopath on a monthly bases since 2012. She has her PHD in naturopathic studies, which is an all natural approach to striving for optimal health. Like a medical doctor, she has an in depth understanding of the body’s organs, and how they function in the various systems. In addition, she is knowledgeable about herbs, and how they are used to strengthen the body at the cellular level. Herbs are all natural plant based supplements. They do not contain any dyes or fillers, which can be toxic and stressful to the body. She also might recommend essential oils which can be used in a diffuser.

Each time I have an appointment, I tell her how I am feeling, and I do a Compass Survey. This is done by putting my hand on a plastic hand that is connected to her computer. This generates a report which reflects how my bio markers are functioning and if any are not aligned properly. (Don’t ask me how this actually works, it just does, and is usually accurate.) For example, it might show that I have been stressed out, had joint pain, inflammation, infections, etc.. The report will also suggest a particular herb as a remedy.

The next thing she does is muscle testing, which to me seems a bit hocus pocus. Seriously, I don’t know how it actually works, but I will attempt to explain. With one of her hands touching various herbs, she pushes down on my extended arm with her other hand. Supposedly, if my arm dips down, it means my body likes that herb, because my body knows what it needs. Actually it seems to me that my arm dips down every time she pushes on it, but she evidently knows how to read my reactions. (Ok, are you still with me?) So she puts all the herbs that I liked in a basket and then proceeds to write up each herb and how many and when I should take it, i.e. breakfast, lunch, and/ or dinner. When I go home, I order the herbs online from Nature’s Sunshine, a reputable herb company.

The cost of the office visit is $35, but I spend a good $100 each month on the herbs. This of course is a considerable amount of money on a monthly basis, but I stay healthy and don’t have to go the doctor and buy prescriptions. After suffering for years with chronic sinusitis, this is definitely working for me. The whole premise is that she does not treat diseases, but rather she suggests herbs based on what my body instinctively knows that it needs. A rather interesting concept, wouldn’t you say?

Jul 5, 2016 · Does anyone have these symptoms along with IBS? in Digestive Health

@hopefully and @bettyann, I also see a naturopath who has helped me immensely over the last four years. Thankfully, I no longer suffer from chronic sinusitis. I take omega three and DHA which have helped my dry eye condition. I also take an all natural fiber drink and herbs to relieve constipation. The herbs are pure and are carefully harvested and manufactured by Nature’s Sunshine. Seeing my naturopath monthly and taking all natural herbs has made a huge difference in my life. Also, have learned a lot about the gut-head and body connection. My naturopath is very knowledgeable and explains details to me that my primary care doctor does not have the time to cover. However, my pcp, optometrist, and gastroenterologist are all open to the herbs that I take.

Jun 7, 2016 · Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in Women's Health

@kelseydm Thank you so much for your helpful information! I am going to talk to my daughter about your suggestions tonight. : )

Jun 7, 2016 · Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in Women's Health

My daughter, who is 30, has been told she has PCOS. She is overweight and has excessive body and facial hair. Her gynecologist put her on birth control pills but nobody has suggested that she see an endocrynologist. I’ve been reading about the medications that have been prescribed by endocrinologists and am wondering if they reverse the symptoms of PCOS. I hope somebody can shed some light with me about her situation and hopefully I can steer her in the right direction. Thanks! Carol