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Jan 5, 2012 · Achalasia in Digestive Health

I was diagnosed with Achalasia in early 2009, and was operated on at the age of 45. My surgeon was the Head of Surgery at our local hospital and came highly recommended. He performed a Heller’s Myotomy and Partial Fundoplication, all laproscopically. I have the rare swallowing difficulty but it passes immediately.
My father was diagnosed with Achalasia at the Mayo Clinic in 1978, at the age of 41. Oddly enough, he was living in MS at the time and not a single doctor there could figure out what he had. Within hours of arriving at the Mayo Clinic he was diagnosed and scheduled for surgery.
Back then they opened you up from the middle of your back to the middle of your abdomen, a small price to pay to save your life before you starve to death.
In all the literature I’ve read they’ve said Achalasia is NOT genetic or hereditary, I can’t buy into that one. What are the chances of such a rare disease occurring in the same family, and almost the same age?
I am glad to hear that all went well with your surgery; the Mayo Clinic is certainly an amazing place. I wish you the total success that I have seen with my surgery.