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Feb 6, 2012 · PMR is my new diagnosis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Sorry – I haven’t been online for quite a while and just saw this. I am wondering how you are doing since the surgery. I will say a prayer for you.
I work at a middle school, a para educator with autism. So far, I can do it. I hope I can continue til I’m able to collect soc. security. I am having new tests done now — cking me for Chrones and other things— never ending problems. I will try to ck back and see how you are. If you don’t hear from me, don’t worry, I will write — do you have fb? Sometimes I only have time for that and don’t get to my emails as much. Hope you are recovering nicely. Boy, that sure is NO fun. Again, prayers are being said. :-)

Jan 9, 2012 · PMR is my new diagnosis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Thanks. I’ll pray for you too. I don’t get on my email daily anymore so don’t think I’m not appreciating your replies… ok? I do.
I have osteoarthritis all over too, so it’s hard for me to tell what ache or pain comes from what. I do know it’s going to rain all wk and I will be hurting more. Yesterday I put Christmas stuff away and was nervous the whole time about causing another flare. I think I’m going to try very slow stretches each day because I feel like my muscles are turning to mush, afraid to use them. Want to join a yoga class but afraid of that too– and I haven’t been to the gym in mths. The Dr. told me not to use the treadmill b/c of my disc problem, but again, afraid to use anything else too. I tried a massage seat recently, and it didn’t cause a flare so maybe… I just know I have to get to work (I work on and off my feet in a school) so I’m “too” carefull at times. Do you work?

Jan 6, 2012 · PMR is my new diagnosis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

I wish I knew if the pain in my hip and back is from the herniated disc I have or the PMR, but I guess it really doesn’t matter, it’s there. Thanks again for replying. So, the foot and leg cramps you have too– I’ll try the stretching, and the massage. Thanks. The thing that’s so frustrating with this is that any normal thing like raking leaves or sitting too long at the computer can bring on a flare in my shoulders and neck— and I can tell that I’m going from an occasional flare to a daily thing. I’m almost out of prednisone and weaning down, and I am already hurting more. Thanks for letting me vent. Where is your worst pain? Does it limit you alot?

Jan 5, 2012 · PMR is my new diagnosis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

Thankyou for replying. I was wondering if yoga would help at all, or hurt. Now, I think I’ll try that soon. Also- I was wondering if getting a massage (gentle one!) would help – or hurt! Have you tried?Would love to try it but I’m afraid. Last night I woke up with foot and leg cramps alot- – immediately blamed the PMR but I know it’s probably something else. (/) Thanks again for your reply and I do hope you feel better.

Jan 1, 2012 · PMR is my new diagnosis in Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR)

ok, now I know what I have, only it comes and goes. My pain migrates to neck from shoulders, and then down across my chest muscles- and when it hits there, I can hardly breathe, or move! I’ve pinpointed the flares to activity- for most people it would be NORMAL activity, like Christmas preparation, lifting and moving things, garden work, raking or pulling weeds- etc. I haven’t been to the gym in months, afraid to do any exercises that may cause a flare. The doctor put me on Prednisone to help the recent attack, and did mention that some of her patients take a low dose on a daily basis, but I really don’t want to start doing that yet. Is that where I’m heading though? I’ve had 2 recent flares in the last month and so afraid that it’ll hit me like it did last yr where I couldn’t move without crying, and sleeping was impossible. Is there any exercise I can do to strengthen my now flabby arm muscles without sending me into a flare? Do I have to be afraid now to rake leaves or vacumn my house? Isn’t there any hope for this? I am so discouraged. Please share if you have any advice. Thanks.