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Dec 16, 2011 · Anyone here have Fuch's Dystrophy? in Eye Conditions

I have FD and was diagnosed in 99. My mother also had it in both eyes. My wife was a nurse for an ophthalmologist for 29 years. While I wouldn’t say your doctor is wrong I have never heard of a person having it in only one eye.

I have had cataracts removed in both eyes and so far it has not exacerbated the FD. However, it is my understanding that the doctor should utilize different techniques for the surgery in a patient with FD so as to minimize the damage to the endothelium of the cornea. If your FD wasn’t diagnosed prior to the surgery I would assume they might not have used those techniques and if it wasn’t I would think that either your condition was very mild or your doctor was not very experienced with it.

I would strongly encourage you to join a yahoo group known as Fuchs Friends. It can be found here.

The moderators of that group are involved with The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation which is also a good resource and can be found here.

The FF yahoo group is very helpful and the information from the knowledgeable members and moderators is current and as accurate as they can make it. I am just a member with no other interest.

My mother passed away at age 86 and never had to have transplants. However, she had macular degeneration as well. I am 62 and don’t think I will make it that long without transplants. The good news is that they have surgery options now like DSAEK and DMEK that provide excellent results with little more inconvenience that you experience with cataract surgery. There is also promising research with stem cells. It would be wonderful if they could ultimately inject stem cells into the cornea and fix this problem.

That said the most important thing you can do is get informed and be sure that you have the best doctor you can find who is experienced with this disease. Many doctors don’t have that much experience because there are relatively few with the disease.

Hope this helps and good luck.