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Wed, May 15 8:12am · "WHY BOTHER?" What can we do when we are stuck? in Depression & Anxiety

It is important to consider your safety, as you aren't going to be in a good place without knowing that you are secure. I had a medical alert device, but it was funded by another source, and they are not inexpensive to have, either. If you are able to afford it, and if your insurance will help with that, you should probably consider it in any case. The wireless option is the way to go there. Sometimes we aren't able to do the things we hope to do, and you alone know if that means saying "no" to this offer now.

Sat, May 11 6:00pm · How is your experience with antidepressants? in Depression & Anxiety

I take 20mg of escitalopram (generic Cipralex) plus 5mg of Abilify daily. The escitalopram alone was not working as well for me as it does with the Abilify. I also practice cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to change how I view things (negative feelings) and how I think generally about inputs into my mind. Together they are all working well for me. If you are getting exercise and altering your thinking to where you are feeling great, then certainly I'd say that you are on a good path. Whether you would feel that way on the escitalopram alone is not possible for me to say, but if it's not causing you undue side-effects, then you can consider staying on it as a maintenance drug for your seratonin levels. Don't just stop taking it without consulting your prescribing physician.

Sun, May 5 8:21am · "WHY BOTHER?" What can we do when we are stuck? in Depression & Anxiety

@parus — I think you know that if you didn't try to deal with it, you would feel defeated and worse. I was going through a period of time where I had a LOT going on at once, and those appointments were a serious annoyance to meet. It's fine to whine sometimes, we all do, but I would be careful about labeling it as self-pity unless you didn't DO something. Press onward … 🙂

Sun, May 5 8:15am · Query from someone having problems starting Lexapro in Depression & Anxiety

@gamesjr the side-effects do subside, and they are pretty common to all SSRI drugs in the beginning. People respond to anti-depressants differently, based upon the drug, the dosage, and the use of other medications. It took about three months to get to a solution, for me, of 20mg of Lexapro with 5mg of Abilify to supplement it. I know that sounds like a long time, but I would stick with it. There is a gene based test that helps to pinpoint what medication might be best for you, but not all insurance pays for it. If you are having severe side-effects, check back with your prescribing physician.

Wed, May 1 1:49am · ARE YOUR MEDS HELPING OR HINDERING YOUR DEPRESSION? in Depression & Anxiety

I take medication, Humira and formerly others as well, and anything that can affect the gut has been recently shown to potentially impact mood. In so far as being less symptomatic with Crohn's goes, that is a big boon for my depression and anxiety. I try to keep my gut healthy in other ways, too, to be mindful of overall physical and mental health. Other medications may be a problem for people, and it's important that they are all considered in tandem for how they impact us, I agree with this assessment.

Wed, May 1 1:39am · Gabapentin for pain and anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I am late coming to this thread, and I hope that the 100mg is providing some therapeutic benefit to you. Gabapentin works for me for both mild pain relief and for anxiety, and I take 300-900 mg. per day, which quite a bit higher than your dosage. I do find that Gabapentin has caused me some memory issues but is effective for me, and I refuse to consider benzos for my anxiety. I also practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist with my anxiety issues. If there was another medical option available to me, I would consider it, but I am coping alright with the side effects for now.

Wed, May 1 1:32am · LEXAPRO in Depression & Anxiety

From what I have read dry mouth can be quite common among those taking anti-depressants, even though I don't suffer from it taking Lexapro (now). From your other posts I infer that you may live in the KSA and are concerned about the fast during Ramadan (and perhaps at other times) and that your dry mouth is persistent throughout the day and evening hours, such that changing when you take the medication may not be useful. Making up for the fast wouldn't seem to be an option, and I don't know if alms are an answer for you in substitution, being no expert on either your situation or on the strictures that govern such exceptions. I don't know if chewing gum would be permissible, but I am thinking, no. Have you discussed if lowering the dosage would be a possibility, perhaps combined with another drug such as Abilify to increase effectiveness of the Lexapro? Of course, that might not help, either. In the end, all I can say is that I am sympathetic to your situation and hope you may find a solution that is both medically and religiously suitable.

Mon, Jan 28 1:26pm · Anyone try Abilify? in Mental Health

I take a low dosage of Abilify (5mg) along with my Lexapro for depression, primarily. I have weaned off of Gabapentin that was helping with anxiety but giving me side-effects of brain fog and sleepiness. I don't know how my the Abilify contributes to my anxiety being under control, but it made a big difference with how effective the Lexapro is for my depression.