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Wed, Jun 17 9:51am · Crohn’s disease: Questions about medication and natural treatments in Digestive Health

@billandmartie I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease back in 1998, and I have been on a variety of medications over the years to manage the condition and symptoms. Presently I take the biologic, Humira, with good success, but I also take vitamin B12 and D3 supplements each day. Diet is important to me as well, and it seems that there are a lot of differences between what each individual is able to eat without triggering symptoms. Medications are similarly differentiated for what works for one person vs. another, and it can take trial and error to try to find what works, as frustrating as that can be, and not everyone responds to medication. I am not very versed in homeopathic approaches, but I do know that some people advocate medical marijuana use for managing symptoms with good results.

Sat, May 30 5:40pm · What is Self-acceptance? in Depression & Anxiety

@merpreb , Exhausting as all of it is to try to cope with things now, I am not getting the good sleep that I need to have mental energy to cope well. I have Crohn's Disease, and it has gotten worse over the past few weeks because of the stress, and that just makes things harder to deal with. I don't want to whine, because many people are going through similar alterations in their health, and a lot of people don't want to go to the doctor these days, me included. I will get by fine, as I am still in relatively good mental health and physical well-being, despite the changes. I just have to do the little things to try to keep myself in order, like everyone else. 🙂

Thu, May 28 11:08am · What is Self-acceptance? in Depression & Anxiety

My take on self-acceptance is informed by a lifetime of self-loathing and depression from it. While I don't suffer as I once did, and I have made great progress on living a life that is worthy of being labeled 'acceptable' by social standards, in the past couple of years of therapy and medical aid, I still have heavy scars to bear of over 50 years of negativity about myself. I don't have a notion of faith or worship to use, as I don't subscribe to those paths, but what I can do is to try to live the most virtuous life I can within my limitations. I have to face these limits every day, and it is a struggle for me, but I devote a great deal of thought to it continuously. I need to relax myself more to be less concerned with my errors of the past or present, and that, too, takes a lot of energy.

Tue, May 5 3:45pm · People's Opinions On Zoloft? in Depression & Anxiety

@am3, it is difficult being labeled by others when we all have our own problems in life. You come across as quite intelligent and are doing the right things as best as you can. I think talking with your grandmother would be a good idea when you are able to do so. In the mean time, how are you handling coping with your isolation and feelings during this time? Are there online support groups, like this one, that you are able to turn to to express your thoughts with persons in your peer group? The added stress of being stuck at home is something we are all dealing with, and I am hoping that you are finding the resources you need to be able to share and to receive the best possible feedback possible. For what it's worth, I was considered an oddball kid when I was your age, and I think that was very difficult for me to accept as a judgment from others, when I was just anxious and hurting all the time. Coming here for information shows a degree of maturity in you that is to be complimented.

Tue, May 5 1:56pm · People's Opinions On Zoloft? in Depression & Anxiety

@am3, It is very distressing to me that you are finding nobody who will listen to you. Do you have a trusted adult family member, an aunt or uncle, who might be willing to help you get your voice heard? Have you considered approaching your school nurse, counselor or the principal to reach out?

Tue, May 5 11:06am · People's Opinions On Zoloft? in Depression & Anxiety

@am3, I had to discontinue to Zoloft years ago when I was temporarily put on anti-depressants, because it was making me feel robotic. But my experience is less important to describe than it is for you to be able to communicate with your mother that you are not doing well and need to be seen by a/your psychiatrist for further evaluation, because it sounds like you have been taking the Zoloft for a while now and are experiencing no relief but significant and debilitating for you side-effects. If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm, that's even more important to be seen, but I think you understand that, too. It's sometimes hard to get parents to listen to us, because they trust in medical advise over our own feelings, I know, but you need to have that conversation again in a calm way.

Sun, Apr 26 4:51pm · Tapering Off Gabapentin in Depression & Anxiety

Your tapering schedule sounds manageable. I was on a much higher dose for a while and tapered down quickly at the beginning, each week dropping by 300 mg, until I got down to where I feel comfortable and my anxiety (for which I take gabapentin) stayed under control. I take 300 mg in the morning and in the afternoon, having dropped the evening dose all together.

Fri, Apr 10 12:37pm · Isolation: How Do We Handle it? in COVID-19

I am struggling at home with not having the same level of work duties to occupy my time, and video gets tiring after a while. Still, I wake up at the same hour, make my bed and get dressed as if for work, report to "work" online when I'm expected to be there — routines are important. I try to get outside at least once a day for fresh air.