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Nov 28, 2016 · How are you, really, post-ECT treatments? in Depression & Anxiety

I had several treatments in 2011. The pain and migraines were excruciating but my mood improved a bit. Ultimately I had to stop because I couldn’t tolerate the migraines. Although research shows that ECT does not impact one’s memory I feel very different. Two years later I forgot that I was cooking and burned my kitchen down. While I feel that the treatment saved my life and I often consider doing it again the memory is impacted. If it saves a life it’s worth it

Oct 15, 2013 · Mental illnesses do not define who we are in Mental Health

Life is tough and it becomes even tougher when we allow others to alter the way we view ourselves. Please, let’s try with all our might, not to allow negative people to hurt us even more.
We are all worthy!

Oct 15, 2013 · Baffling symptoms in Just Want to Talk

I sincerely hope you have found some answers and are feeling better.

Oct 8, 2013 · Bleeding in Women's Health

Get checked for fybroids and get a pap-smear. A close friend was constantly bleeding and she is in her mid 40’s and need a hysterectomy.
Take care

Oct 8, 2013 · What do you think of this Mayo Clinic community site? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

In my opinion BettyAnn, I think it’s important to cross reference because a any person who is struggling with health issues (cancer, heart disease, obesity, etc.) can be at an increased risk of also getting depressed. Illnesses, no matter the specific diagnosis, can lead to other issues if one is not cautious so having so many topics to choose from is great. In my opinion.
Take care

Oct 8, 2013 · What do you think of this Mayo Clinic community site? in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Ever since I joined the online discussions I have felt the site to be very helpful. It would be nice if Mayo added a list of free and/or low cost alternative treatments for individuals all over who could benefit from doing more in their communities and less isolating. You should also advertise the site more….

Oct 8, 2013 · Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Severe Anxiety... in Mental Health

Hi DrKatie,
How are you feeling today? I like how you became creative around sleeping better.

Oct 8, 2013 · Electroconvulsive Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression in Depression & Anxiety

Hi CatW,
I am doing ok. I have to continue with maintenance sessions because although ECT has been found to be my best form of treatment once a person stops some symptoms can resurface. I still feel that ECT is the best treatment for chronic depression not relieved by medications. The headaches (I suffer from migraines) are uncomfortable but Imitrex and muscle relaxers can ease this discomfort.
I hope you are well and aggressively working on your recovery.