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Nov 11, 2011 · Life after total thyroidectomy after papillary cancer in Thyroid Cancer

I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism in May 2011. I went in for a resection of an adenoma of my right lower parathyroid. The surgeon could not identify my parathyroid on the lower right so he took out the upper right to make sure he was getting the right tissue match for what he resected. He also found I had a large papillary carcinoma tumor so then resected the whole thyroid on the right. It was a difficult surgery and I had pretty painful recovery, lost my voice and am just now getting it back to a normal status. I still cannot sing or speak in high tones. My surgeon could not find a lower left parathyroid and thinks we should not resect the left side. My oncologist, a second surgeon, and my endocrinologist all think I should have the left side resected and have the RAI treatment and scan as the tumor was multifocal and had metastasis in one lymph node. I am terrified to have the other surgery for fear of losing my voice and destroying the one remaining parathyroid. I am adjusting ‘okay’ on the synthroid but still have some issues which are difficult to assess if they are parathyroid or synthroid related. I feel lost in the crowd of the providers making opposite recommendations to me. I am in Alaska and wonder if I am getting correct recommendations from either side. Can anyone provide input? Thanks so much.