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Nov 23, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

So are you feeling good, stronger? Thx for all the additional info.

Nov 23, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

Congratulations. How do you feel now another thing I do, the same as skiers, I wear a breathable cover, over my mouth in cold weather. This allows a filter to protect the lungs from cold air. I have a small narrow flask I got at a sport shop that I use for water after reading your blog. I put room temp water in it. However, as the weather gets colder, I’ll warm it up a bit. I find layering my clothes the best for me.i put a short slender ski warm jacket on, then a vest with a hood, winter but flexible material. Then I have a longer vest, very very lightweight with loose armholes that I open once I get hot. Then I can unzip the other vest as well if I get hot. Plus base layer of cotton short sleeved T with long-sleeved stretchy sport cotton over. I never unzip my first ski jacket only the two vests. I only do interval running and with a tuque and sometimes the added hood, it’s a warm one from my first vest, I never reach a shiver or get a sore throat. I used to before I did all this with the layers.

Nov 11, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

I like room temperature water, I don’t know about you but a flask would keep it room temperature and may be easie4 to drink in the cold. At least it wouldn’t get colder.

Nov 11, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

All that perspiring probably requires more fluid intake. Hope your sore throat heals quickly. Thx for the outline of runnining in cold weather.

Nov 4, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

Thx again, you’re a very interesting writer. You really clarify all the facets of these runs. I walk my dog and do stretches while I walk in a beautiful flower garden. I use the benches for push-ups, etc… my beagle gets me up and out often to catch the sunrise. If I do decide to do an organized run, however, I’d have to give you the credit. Not planning one but…………

Nov 1, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

That’s wonderful. You’re an inspiration for the importance of whole body movement to keep hormones, blood flowing properly. Thx again for all the details.

Oct 27, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

Congratulation! You’re really motivated to get healthier and, literally, taking fast steps to do so. Hope you’re test results reflect are as positive as your self-compassionate attitude. Thx again for sharing all the race details.

Oct 26, 2018 · Three more races in Healthy Living

Thx for sharing all this about the chip in the bib and the Line-up areas where people go at their comfort level and the pic of stability running shoes. I do interval running, run fast for 20, walk fast for 40 and repeat. I met a woman whose dr. told her her diabetes was getting worse and if she didn’t get on an exercise plan and a healthy diet with extremely reduced sugar, she’d end up in serious trouble. She started walking a lot more and changed her flour to chickpea, as she loved to bake. She switched white sugar for stevia and she couldn’t believe it. She ate nutritionally in this manner and the weight just melted off her. Her dr says she no longer is showing signs of diabetes but advises her to maintain exactly what she’s doing because her body cannot manage white flour/starch. I enjoy your posts, you’re funny, helpful and inspiring.