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Sep 19, 2018 · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

Use glasses…the Jackie O type if your outside and it is breezy/windy…really helps cut down on the drying effects of the blowing air…also inside if near a air handeling unit. I have been using a honey based drop as the others also have scarey side affects longterm. So far so good. Helps to stay really hydrated. Drink lots of water and other fluids., down side is alot of bathroom visits, but I notice a big difference if I don’t. I am trying my best not to use DMARS and so far so good.
How severe is your Sjogrens? Some times it pays to slow down and not just react to a “diagnosis”. Now that you know what “it” is research on line, get a second opinion..investigate alternative remedies, the more we know the better choices we can make for ourselves. We are fortunate to have access to medications, but they often come at a price or create other health issues….as side effects. But make informed choices and good luck.

Sep 19, 2018 · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

Ah, the perverbal secret, not thinking. The mastering of the mind…not to think,to turn it off/turn it on. But that takes thinking in and of it self! Because we are human.
It is all so connected and disjointed at the same time. Physical injury does affect the body and “it” remembers…albet, the mind, as all is one. Toss the aging process in there and…well like I said we are human.
Is one any different than the other? No, I don’t believe so…
Perhaps looking and finding the the beauty in our everyday abundance. sincere simplicity…zen-ish…quantam physics… pick your favorite, or your poision, it is all a choice, concious or uncouncious…the mind doesn’t ever stop “functioning”.
So it may help if the mind is used to project for the day…by helping someone else, caring for the dog…making that concious effort. Thinking and carrying out, exploring a subject completely new….Rejoicing in simple abundance, it channels the mind and helps in all aspects. It all helps to bring us to the same destination. Good Luck.

Oct 1, 2012 · Trigeminal Neuralgia, Sjogrens Disease or something else? in Autoimmune Diseases

See a Rhumy. Sjogrens and many other Autoimmune illness can cause the symptoms. Sjogrens is generally thought of as dry eyes/mouth. often blown off by providers. IT can affect every organ in your body. I was dx with Sjogrens, Raynauds, Thryroiditis, ?lupus, RA and ……Bcell Lymphoma. ALL at once! (The Rituxan infusions where difficult, but post treatment what a world of difference, a gift. But, they wear off and long term affects are just as frightening.)Yet for 4 years I went and complained fo body aches that moved around. Chronic neck pain (lesion was growing around the base of my neck and I was told over and over it was from chronic inflammation….cancer. Dry eyes, mouth, skin, overwhelming fatigue, sleep disturbances (waking achey, have to move) random nausea, hightened and then decreased sence of smell. One can view it as a nightmare.. and it was and has been in MANY ways BUT…during this time I increased fish oil, flax oil, consumed large quantities of water, and still do. I reviewed my diet and although I have always been conscious of good nutrition made changes anyway to see if these helped. They have. Little or no sugar, aside from natural occuring in fruits and juices etc. (more difficult that it sounds…sugar is in everything!) I was an avid dairy lover…just fermented now (yogurt and keifer daily) sometimes soft cheese like goats, feta etc. Now am trying a curtailed gluten consumtion and don’t see much additional change, but will keep at for awhile longer.
The only med I take is xanax in the pm for a 6 hour straight sleep period. Occ have to nap in the day time. I exercise on good days, cause when the bad days hit, not much gets done….the thing is they are not as common as frequent as they where although they are unpredictable at best and this is fustrating…..but learning to go with the flow and not feel like a slug…it is what it is.
It is hard to make changes, comfort measures if you will, they take effort, energy and commitment…not easy when you are so fatigued/fogged.
You sound like a commited partner, I am lucky to have this also and between the two of you hopefully you will find a better spot. Meds are not always the anwser…I have opted so far not to take any DMR’s etc. Nothing will eradicate these ills but comfort measures and some lifestyle changes go a long way…And alternative therapies may also help….massage etc, etc.
Good Luck to you both.

Oct 1, 2012 · VBAC in Women's Health

At least a year is what the doc I workded for told patients. Be sure the hopital you plan on birthing at allows this…not all do, it does have it’s risks.

Jul 10, 2012 · Undiagnosed - sjrogrens, lupus? in Autoimmune Diseases

Dry eyes, dry mouth, insomnia think Sjogrens/autoimmune issues. Many of the symproms overlap. Sjogrens is most known for dry eyes/mouth and painful joints, sleep issues, foggy brain. See a Rhumatologist.

Jul 10, 2012 · wannalivepleasehelp - bowels messed up, panic, heart palpitations in Just Want to Talk

Wow, what a time of it you have had. So many symptoms from various illness overlap. Maybe you should see a Rhumy. You mentioned MS. There are so many autoimmune disorders…Lupus, Sjogrens, RA etc. that mimick some of the symptoms you experience. You should discuss this with your physician. Educate yourself on these topics before you go so you are prepared.
It is diffiult to not worry. Meditation is a very good method to bring the mind to a more peaceful state. It may be helpful to attend a class or two or tap into someone that can help guide you through the process a few times. It helps with clarity/focus, relaxation etc. Breathing exercises help also…yoga etc. Anything that helps relaxation. Not always easy when you don’t feel well, but give it a try and see a Rhumy. You will get to the bottom of this, trust your instinct.
Another thought is to keep a journal of activities and symptoms, and remember to include the positives in your life as well.
Good luck with this journey.

Jul 9, 2012 · Would like to hear from people with Sjogrens in Autoimmune Diseases

Yes. I completely agree, it all must be straightened out, but the process is utterly fustrating and so horribly time consuming. I have thought at times to just ignore it. But because I was such a stickler for notes (was a nurse) being accurate and objective so the patient is properly advocated for, I expect no less from others. Not a tall order at all really from where I came from, but obviously it is from many others. And not only would I have been tossed out for such sub-par work, I wouldn’t have been able to consiously do that : slighting my patients.
We need complete-open-communication with all aspects of our medical records. I currently have to deal with a third party in obtaing them and by golly they never send the proper notes, and then to tend to the errors/adendems etc., It is a hefty portion of time wasted/working on something that is so vitally important, yet continues, is fustrating, and is counter productive in stress levels…which isn’t helpful for ill people. Proper documentation is a basic right of medical care! It should not be an exception. We all make mistakes, but this is to much!
I bought a small recorder recently so that I can bring it to visits, announce the visit will be recorded and see if this helps the situation.
We should all be accountable for our actions/work. We pay dearly for healthcare and such a broken state it is in. Since records are going national and there is legisation underway that will enable law enforcement to extract information, (medications/conditions etc.) then it is imperative that they be correct, for many reasons….the first and foremost being our own health advocation.