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Oct 10, 2011 · Hi Carol, I had surgery in may 11 for a femoral Bypass in Just Want to Talk

Hi Carol, I had surgery in may 11 for a femoral Bypass and started noticing a ulcer which know I have four total in my groin If it was’nt for my Visiting nurse suggesting Pyoderma I don’t know what I would have done since the middle of Sept. they have been trying steriod shots and wet to dry dressings and it starts to heal then gets worse They were going to do Surgery to debreed because it has a yellow slough which has to come out for it to heal and it is very stubborn but was told it only makes it worse and spreads . I have never in all my life had the pain that this causes . It is so discouraging to think it is getting better then it doesn’t I live in Boston with some of the best hospitals and you would be surprised at people have never heard of it. I am currently being treated by a Dermatoligists . I also have none of the disease that are related Colitis, Chrohns etc. I wish you luck because it is a horrible experience . Susan @nana0f1