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May 20, 2012 · Shingles on face and in eye in Skin Health

Interesting. I did not know that about early pain being a indication that you are more likely to have post-herpetic pain. I had a headache for five days before the rash. I saw the doc and she treated me for sinus infection and migraine. I do remember not being able to smile or express myself through facial gestures. If my eyebrow moved, it was very painful. I think I just hung out on my computer and tried not to talk much when I was in the hospital.

May 20, 2012 · Shingles on face and in eye in Skin Health

Hi Alexandra,
If you have not seen a doctor, go to the ER. You need antiviral meds started right away. If you did see a doc and are on the antivirals, and the pain is too much, I would think about going to a walk-in clinic or ER. Call ahead and find out how busy they are. Plus, if you still have the blisters out, you are contagious and can give the chicken pox to unvaccinated folks, so they need to know you are coming so they can isolate you. I was given Dilaudid when I was hospitalized. I needed IV anti-nausea meds to keep the antivirals down, then to keep the Dilaudid down. Having shingles in your eye can lead to blindness, so be sure you are getting the right treatment. I don’t think they will see you as drug seeking, especially if you still have the blisters. They all know how painful it is. I had lightening bolts of pain in my right eye, in my head, and my hair hurt to touch. I needed drugs just to lay my head down. If I had been discharged from the hospital a day earlier than I was, I would probably have had my head shaved, it hurt so much to move my hair!

Oct 9, 2011 · Shingles on face and in eye in Skin Health

Hi everybody. I have had shingles for about three weeks now and I am interested in chatting with folks who have experienced this. I have it on my forehead, in my hair toward my temple, in my eyebrow and on my eyelid, and in my eye. I have no vision problems, but my eye hurts and my eyelid droops.

The pain is bad when I talk, because when I get interested in a conversation, my eyebrow moves, my forehead moves, and ZING! I have burning and shooting pains. My hair hurts, too, and I can’t pull it back or style it.

Anyone else want to talk about their shingles pain?