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Oct 9, 2011 · Ischemic Colitis in Digestive Health

It’s a condition where part of the large intestine swells due to shortage of blood supply to that portion of the colon and occurs mostly in persons over the age of 50.May be due to vascular diseases which is basically the veins and arterioles of the extremities.Constipation or drugs that cause constipation,diabetes,high blood pressure,rheumatoid arthritis,congestive heart failure,blockage of the large intestine..among others.These are all related to the condition..in the mean time you can relieve it by taking liquid diet.Fluids via the veins wouldn’t be an at home trial or antibiotics but pain killers to relieve the discomfort is nit such a bad idea.They will treat you well but if its severe you may have the chance of going into surgery for that portion to be removed or you’d be put on an antibiotic treatment which normall does not take so long.They however will test a lot of things first(such as the extent of the condition) to settle on the best treatment.no worries however,stay safe..hope all goes well.