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Tue, May 26 4:19pm · Esophageal disorder - don’t know what to eat in Digestive Health

You need to go and be evaluated by MD! You need an endoscopy. All those vitamins and supplements are not going affect you trouble swallowing.

Thu, May 21 3:33pm · Bladder cancer: Is a stoma the same as an ostomy? in Ostomy

I don’t advertise products for the sake of advertising, but after 6 years struggling with leaks and skin irritation; the best thing I can recommend is Sensicare wipes. They say to use one, I use two and wipe the whole area, over stoma and everything and it reall helps.

Tue, May 19 8:35am · Bladder cancer: Is a stoma the same as an ostomy? in Ostomy

Katydid responded thoroughly, I would like to add a few thoughts. First the Gastro mds are wonderful but are not that familiar with nutrition’s impact on performance of ostomy. Please make contact with a well certified and educated nutrionist. The nutritionist will assess your diet and change things that may feel counterintuitive. I was told I could eat “ anything”. Wrong. After struggling with intermittent diarrhea, I was changed to a diet with minimal fiber, four small meals per day, no sugar and a chewable Centrum silver multivitamin everyday. Regarding leaks, always evaluate what situation you going into and regulate your intake accordingly, types of chairs that will be used etc. always carry a small e,mergency bag for the ability to continue activity. When applying wafers the area must be completely dry—leak while changing, clean and dry area again. We use sensicare wipes (2) and they have done wonders.

Mon, May 11 8:53pm · Urostomy: How do you care for skin under the wafer? in Ostomy

I would be worried about a loofa. I think it’s an unnecessary action with potential problems if any part of it is loose

Mon, May 11 8:51pm · Urostomy: How do you care for skin under the wafer? in Ostomy

Yes. I just wave a 4×4 over it for about 30 seconds

Sat, May 9 3:53pm · Urostomy: How do you care for skin under the wafer? in Ostomy

I used to have skin problems especially when it is very hot and humid. Now every time I have to change my ostomies ( I have 2) I take a shower without wafers, just open. At one point I soap up with Ivory soap and wash each stoma. After the shower ( hopefully without leaks don’t drink several hours before changing.) when the stoma is quiets and area clean AND DRY I apply 2 Sensicare adhesive wipes to the area. No stoma powder etc. The important thing is to make sure skin is DRY when wafer applied . When really hot, you do have to make adjustments in lifestyle and avoid heat,direct sun.

Fri, May 1 7:48am · Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy in Ostomy

I don’t know why all the people getting a variety of ostomies aren’t using this good connection. I have 2 ostomies and a Hartman’s pouch. In fact I’ve had an ostomy since age 5 ( long time ago) . Born with extrophy of bladder, ( bladder exposed on abdomen. The docs removed my bladder, and put both ureters in the sigmoid colon. So all excrement came out the rectum mixed together. Many diet restrictions ( 0 salt diet) for 69 years. My blood work was always abnormal . After my MD at KU retired, I went to Mayo and have Dr. Igor Frank, my idea of the man who has given me excellent care. I developed a perforated diverticula and abbess he told me it was necessary to get 2 ostomies. He and Dr. Heidi Nelson ( former head of colorectal surgery) did an 8 hour surgery. Now, 6 years later, my life is different and needs adjustment according to minor problems—mostly diet. I am active in community, know my limits, always prepare for emergency when out, but have learned to enjoy the pleasure of friends, walks, books and above all God. I get discouraged at times, but I’m also aging. I attend an ostomy group here at home, got to Mayo’s every August for various scopes and feel extremely well attended. Dr. Frank kept me going to the point I am longest living person in Mayo history with ureterosigmoidostomy. I think everybody with an ostomy has their own experience and tips and I would like to hear from them.

Thu, Apr 9 5:10pm · Clockwork early morning insomnia, possibly from overtraining in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I want to be as supportive and helpful as possible: however, what I say may not feel good. Let me assure you I am aClinical Nurse Specialist with 3 degrees, one is a masters in nursing that focused solely on clinical adult psychotherapy and becoming knowledgeable about all primary theorists. I also have 33 years experience. Working in clinical settings and teaching at the university level. My longest tenure was at The Menninger Clinic, a hospital that had a school of psychiatry and provided psychoanalytical training. My direct work was on the Trauma Recovery Program and the Self-Harm program. I have seen patients who were addicted to exercise, as well as eating disorder and mutilating themselves. There is a diagnosis called “Body Dysmorphic Disorder”. A problem with accepting aspect (s) of one’s body. I would wonder with you about any unusual beliefs you have about your body, any past trauma? Have you ever seen a well qualified Psychiatrist, Psych CNS, or Psychologist. My thought is that you are struggling with this disorder, and perhaps, others. You would be caring a great deal for yourself if you would make an appointment with a professional I recommended and get on some meds and definitely get into a psychotherapy process that is interpersonally oriented. You probably have a psychiatric disorder. You can feel better.