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Jan 16, 2012 · anyone out there understand menieres disease? vestibular disorder in Brain & Nervous System

FireWhirlGirl, I began experiencing vertigo when I was 6 years old, which means I had juvenile onset Meniere ’s syndrome. This got progressively worse and peaked at age 22. Now I rarely have an episode. My symptoms were (in order) 1) sharp pain and fullness in inner-ear, 2) nausea, 3) vertigo and more nausea. Frequently I would have speech impairment, and only once did I vomit. I have always taken Dramamine, which usually made me more tired than anything, so I would sleep off the episode. For the following three days following an episode, things just wouldn’t seem right, i.e., sensory perception, kind of surreal.

As a young adult I went to an ENT who performed various tests. I also had a CT with contrast and discovered that I have an anatomic abnormality in that part of my inner ear (if I recall correctly it is the vestibule) never developed fully. I later found out that a great uncle had Meniere’s (genetic?).

With recommendations from my ENT, I learned to manage the frequency of the episodes by avoiding the following refined salt and caffeine (coffee, chocolate, tea). A little salt and caffeine was OK, but large amounts seemed to trigger an episode.

There are many treatment options depending on the root cause of Meniere’s. Don’t stop searching for a treatment that will work for you. I hope you are able to get some relief soon.

Jan 13, 2012 · Crohn's+6-MP+Fatigue in Digestive Health

6-MP is short for 6-Mercaptopurine. It’s a chemo drug that suppresses the immune system. I’ve come to realize that my fatigue is from anemia of chronic disease and “nothing can be done to treat it.” It’s really tough being fatigued 24/7/365. I’ve not been myself since acquiring Crohn’s. I used to be a very energetic happy person… now I am blah.

What kind of drugs are Mesalamine and Budesonide?

I’m trying the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) now. On week 2 and it’s not going as well as I had hoped. Have you tried diet, probiotics, etc.?

Thank you for your reply; I appreciate it =)

Oct 6, 2011 · Crohn's+6-MP+Fatigue in Digestive Health

Any fellow Crohnies, who take 6-MP, experience severe fatigue?

I am in remission (but with some inflammation), have normal blood work with the exception of borderline low hemoglobin (11.1) and high ferritin (so NO iron-deficiency anemia). I can sleep all day and wake up exhausted.

5 years with CD of terminal ileum and ileocecal valve
50 mg 6-MP

Oct 6, 2011 · Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Constipation in Digestive Health

I have IBS-C as well. I think I’ve tried everything under the sun to get things moving regularly. Some things have worked for a week or two, but then stop working. I tried Miralax on four separate occasions and reacted very negatively all four times — so I won’t use it ever again. I discovered that my IBS-C is eased significantly when I use unrefined gray sea salt (sparingly) on my food and drink coconut water. Sounds odd, but the minerals from the unrefined sea salt and the fiber, electrolytes, and potassium from the coconut water balance things out and I don’t have constipation any longer. I also drink a lot of water through out the day. I’d had constipation for 40 years and IBS-C for 26 years.