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Oct 14, 2011 · Not sure what I have, nor are the doctors - any ideas?! in Men's Health

Not sure what I have, nor are the doctors – any ideas?! It’s a rather long history but I’ll try to be brief. On June 21 I had heart surgery to replace my aortic valve and ascending aortic root. This was a successful surgery as far as the heart is concerned .. but almost immediately from my recovery in the hospital, I had a undetected bladder blockage. I was complaining to the nurses about feeling distended and difficult urination, their response was it was all “normal”. To make a long story shorter, I was eventually released after 4 days. Within 3 days of this my kidneys failed and I ended up in the ER and on a catheter and admitted to the hospital. Within 24 hours I lost over 20 lbs of fluid. My kidney function returned but the urologist said I needed a “roto-rooter” or TURP. So, three weeks after heart surgery I had the TURP. By-the-way, I’m not overweight and a 52 yr old male, no history of diabetes, smoking or bladder problems and have always exercised regularly. So NOW, it’s three months later. I have “prostatitis” which is inflammation of the prostate. I have seemingly other symptoms though, burning pain in my bladder (yet clear urine, no infection shown), occasional nausea, very lethargic at times, droopy eyes and confusion at times, difficulty concentrating. I’ve been seeing the doctor(s) regularly but everyone is running out of tools and I think I’m being misdiagnosed. Maybe I’ll find out more tomorrow. I had blood drawn today. I have a MRI scheduled for next Monday but hasn’t been “approved” by insurance yet. All the above symptoms seem to come and go randomly and sometimes with great intensity. My pain is generally lowest when I wake in the morning and gets worse later in the day, particularly the evening. Anyway, I thought I’d post here in case anyone has an idea. I worry about an “infected bladder” or stomach ulcers, I can’t figure this out! Thank you for reading. 🙂 Sorry, no paragraph breaks, this interface doesn’t seem to allow it!