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Oct 3, 2011 · Three Level Lumbar Spine Fusion in Spine Health

have severe spinal stenosis , they want to put a rod l1—l5..just had 6th spinal shot ,actually a double hurt like a Mother , worse than all the other 5…numbness in lower legs , minor pain lower back, walk with a limp….Still go to the gym 4 days a week . bike 15min. stretch, use machines and lift weights….was a runner , now have two metal implants in knees also a biker and loved kayaking..can’t bend enough to get in but once in could kayak 2 hours….am afraid of surgery , 4 out of 5 people i talk to are sorry…..go to the gym at the Milton Hershey School of Med…….Dooc said keep it up until you can’t handle the pain…thanks for your ear….Ted