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Dec 5, 2011 · Chronic Pain and fatigue in Men's Health

Hi Bev! Yes, having trouble standing and more pain is a symptom of Fibro especially with a low pressure coming in. Yesterday I went down to the beach and walked a long way, further than I’m used to – I get tired so easily! Today in Cape Town there is a low pressure coming in and rain tomorrow I think. Today I am tired out and shaking and have more pain in my body especially in the back of my arms. There are trigger points in parts of your body. If you go to Fibromyalgia sites on the Internet such as Dr Rodger Murphree You will see them. You should be diagnosed properly by a Rheumatologist. The meds I am taking are Purblocker to slow the system and the heart down. Fibromyyalgia causes mixed signals to be sent from the brain down the spine and causes pain unco-ordination, and trouble therefore walking and standing. You can get a fuzzy brain, memory impairment, shakiness and sensitivity to loud noises, light and dark. Quite a mixed bag really. Mine started years ago when my immune system went down and I got Chronic Rhinitis. Going back to work and having stressful times in England and coming back to South Africa and getting trauma through burglaries did the rest. Sometimes you get it through and after an operation or a stressful event. I also take two anti depressants a day Cymgen is best – I also take lots of vitamins. I am still badly affected some days. I have moved recently and there is a lot to do, but one should do quite little and excercise, but not more than half an hour. I hope this helps. Please feel free to chat further! By the way where do you come from? Best wishes. Woolie. p.s. I was called this as a child as I always wore lots of jumpers in the winter in England feeling the cold!!

Oct 4, 2011 · fibro in Chronic Pain

I have had Fibro for more than ten years. It was first thought to be Parkinson’s! I seem to have less pain now. I am presently on Molipaxin (anti-depressant) which seems to help with pain, except when rain is due! I am changing over to Cymbolta soon. Am busy moving house, so quite stressed. Am also taking Pur Blocka, which slows the system down, so less pain. I also take Trepeline 5mg at around eight in the evening. Helps pain and sleep. I was originally on 10mg (advised by a Rheumatologist) but got very constipated. Nothing worked to ease this, so dropped the dose, and have lots of cooked but fresh vegetables every day. More veg than meat actually. This really helps. Frozen is not as good. The thing that is presently worse for me than pain, is the tiredness, especially from the waist down. I can stand up for around five minutes at best, and then my knees begin to burn and then I have to crawl just to get anywhere and do anything. Very limiting! Any advice would be welcome! As I get older it is becoming more difficult, and my husband has had to take over shopping and cooking and a lot of the housework. My specialist (Rheumatologist) seems to just feel the pressure points on my back and says I’m fine. He doesn’t offer any other advice except to walk. He charges a lot too – R675.00 a session! (I live in South Africa.) Really deep sleep is important, and not to do too much. Soon I will be more able to do the latter!

Sep 29, 2011 · Slipping farther and farther with no grip! Help! in Digestive Health

Hi Alicia! I already put a reply on your site but it doesn’t seem to have ‘taken’. I have had Fibro for eleven years and am still struggling , especially as I get older. It took a while to find a doctor who helped a bit, a Rheumatologist. Everyone else seemed to not know or say it was all in my head! You can imagine how many meds I have tried! I am presently taking Cymgen (an anti-depressant that helps the pain), Purblocka, which slows the system down in order to feel less pain, and Trepeline, which is taken around eight in the evening which gives you a good nights sleep, which is very important and also deals with pain. (5-10mg. less is better as it can cause constipation. Best to eat your five a day! The Cymgen will lift your spirits. My problem is that I cannot stand for long as the muscles in my leg burn. This also happens with our son of 40, who also has it. I have to get down on the floor and crawl very often which at my age of 63 is not good. My walking can be quite uncoordinated too. My pain gets worse as the weather gets worse. Please feel free to stay in touch. One feels really isolated with this. I want to get the Fibro book advertised by the Mayo Clinic but see it is priced in dollars & I live in S. Africa. Side effects are normal with Fibro and can be very counter productive. Sometimes it can be helpful to go on Cymgen for a year or so and gradually come off as it does cause side effects. Molipaxin causes less, but can make you sleepy in the morning. Ask about these medications at your Rheumatologist.

Sep 29, 2011 · PTSD & as yet undiagnosed joint pain, fatigue, muscular pain in Mental Health

Hi Roelie – I have posted a reply to Palma – maybe it will help too? Woolie

Sep 29, 2011 · PTSD & as yet undiagnosed joint pain, fatigue, muscular pain in Mental Health

Hi Palma! I have just joined the site, and feel you may have Fibromyalgia, in which case a Rheumatologist would be the most helpful. I have had it for eleven years. Pain seems to be helped somewhat by Anti-depressents, particularly Cymgen, also Purblocka up to three times a day (10mg) to slow the system down so it is not so painful. Trepeline is good if you have sleep problems – 5 to 10 mg at around eight in the evening. Too much can cause constipation, so use as small a dose as you can. Sleep is very important with Fibromyalgia as is rest, exercise such as walking, relaxation – not overdoing it. The Rheumatologist is the first step though. I also feel very isolated, and the one specialist I have seen in Cape Town just feels my tender points on my back and says I am much better and doesn’t seem to listen. I have a lot of fatigue and often can’t walk and am forced to crawl. My knees tend to burn as if I have walked a hundred miles! I have some pain, mostly when a cold front is approaching. Then it gets worse. Especially if there is thunder. I would make a good weather lady!

Sep 29, 2011 · Chronic Pain and fatigue in Men's Health

Triggen – do you think your father has Fibromyalgia? I have pain and fatigue in my muscles and cannot stand for more than ten minutes. Does he have a burning feeling in his knees if he stands too long? I have had it for over ten years now – am taking medication for it, but every day is different, but not great. I am especially bad when there is a low pressure weather system about. Does your father have trouble sleeping too? Woolie