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Nov 21, 2011 · Hey BobBY, my names Raul.. I'm trying to help my mother find in Just Want to Talk

Hello Raul I am still going to Mayo clinic on this problem but I will share the doctor needs to do several test, after all these test which were negative the doctor has put me on repiridone. It really depends on if she has allergy or disease but for me it is nerve damaage so thisis what he has me on with low dosage. I would suggest going to mayo clinic in scottsdale, unfortunately my problem has not been fully resolved. This is what I can share with you.

Sep 28, 2011 · Burning Mouth Syndrome or Neuropathic Burning Mouth Syndrome. in Just Want to Talk

Hello Nanette I am a sufferer of BMS and have been getting treatment at the Mayo, AZ. the doctors understands the syndrome, my pain has gone from extreme to moderate. There are many test to go through but this Dr. Yiannias is a miracle man. I have been trying several medicines, an nothing has cured it but it has taken the sting out of the mouth.