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Sep 7, 2017 · Depression, fibromyalgia and spinal degeneration in Depression & Anxiety

@virtuous Dori – Fortunately, the “Helper Gremlins” of MayoConnect delivered your typo’ed @ catgig to @catgic, me. Thank you for the “Blessings.” Clearly, you all have had, and are having a tough medical and financial row to hoe. It appears that you have the yin and yang of your marital relationship with your husband worked out to your mutual satisfaction…this is good.

FYI: In both my professional Warfighting Navy life and Techno-Geek life, I have lived and worked in Silicon Valley…Moffett-Sunnyvale, Mountain View, and Palo Alto, and the contiguous area, thereto. So my bride of 55 Blissful Emerald “Double Nickels” years and I are quite familiar with the Silicon Valley & San Francisco Peninsula area, culture, and cost of living. We also had occasion to have resided for a couple years, 90-miles down the PCH in Monterey-Carmel.

In the highest traditions of 1960’s Hippy Dippy Culture let me encourage you to Keep On Keeping’ On facing your challenges. We shall put you all in our prayers.

As I write this note to you, Big Bad & Über Blustery CAT 5+ Hurricane Irma has the State of Florida in her cross-hairs. Irma is still many days away from wherever she may be headed, but it has not stopped CNN, FoxNEWS, the local media, the public leadership from stirring the up the Florida citizenry into an anticipatory frenzy of fear. Back in the simpler, innocent “Good Old Small Government” times, folks were told buy some candles, to fill their bath tubs up to the top with water, and hunker down to ride out The Big Blow. For the record, my wife and I are not one of those “Citizen Chickens Running Around With Our Heads Cut Off.” We have been there and done that before.

Let me share a personal hurricane-related anecdote. Back in September 1960, a month after I first met my Teen Queen Goddess Wife, I was a 19-years old teenaged @catgic sailor who was baptized into Florida Hurricane living with a heavy-weather Hurricane “Donna” drenching down on Boca Chica Key in the Florida Keys. Donna blew through the Florida Key, and in the process, blew out the main water line supplying the Florida Keys with water from up Miami way. Without plentiful running fresh water available, I had to wash my person and sweat-soaked Navy Dungarees in the ocean surf of the Florida Straits off Key West using special “Navy Issue Salt Water Soap.” This salt-water washing ritually completed my King Neptune Baptism to make me a lifelong favored Shellback’ed acolyte of King Neptune and the Weather Gods from then on. Bottom-Line…@catgic Knowz Hurricanes (Earth Quakes & Other Random Acts Of God & Man), and never has, and does not, live in fear of any of them.

Anyhoo, I remain the “Honey Do Love Slave For Life” to my “Honey, When You Have Time…Can You…???” Goddess Wife, and all is right in the world.

Sep 5, 2017 · Depression, fibromyalgia and spinal degeneration in Depression & Anxiety

@virtuous – How long have you been married? I am at an Emerald “Double Nickels” 55 & counting… Is your husband a “Slow Learner?” What does he not understand about the “Do” in “I Do?” Inform him that @catgic Sez the utterance of the “Until Death ‘Do’ Us Part…I Do” on your Wedding Day means he signed up for “HONEY DO DUTY FOR LIFE.” Just saying… B|

Aug 5, 2017 · April #MonthlyMission: Share the message of organ donation in Mayo Clinic Champions

@kellyrn7 – Very true, RN Kelly. Last Spring, when I was at MCF for a well-check, I signed up as an organ donor.

The local Jacksonville, FL “Donate Life/Done Vida” group had a table set up in the hallway/lobby outside the Mayo Clinic Davis Building cafeteria. They had both a heart transplant and a kidney transplant recipient helping them at the Donate Life/Done Vida sign-up solicitation table. The two folks were in their upper 50s/lower 60s. These transplant recipients were talking to and sharing their story me there in the Mayo hallway/lobby because a couple of 20-Something year old deceased accident victims were good enough to check the Organ Donor box on their Florida Drivers License.

I am in excellent health for the age I occupy. However, my parts and pieces, though well cared for, are vintage septuagenerian. The “Donate Life/Done Vida” group said, “Not To Worry.” they would be glad to recycle them where I to cease operating @ 98.7 F, and become asymptotic to the Outside Air Ambient Temperature. 🙂

Aug 3, 2017 · Chronic Total Occlusion in Heart & Blood Health

@donnieg – Dare I say, IMHO, you are making “Shoot From The Hip” erroneous judgment about the folks who join this Mayo Clinic Connect group or one of the other Mayo Clinic Connect groups. Sick people are not having “Fun.” Honestly shared, valid information and life experiences are not “Unrelated Junk.” One person’s “Junk” is another person’s “Treasure.”

I feel confident in saying that Mayo Clinic Connect members are on here to learn from group members, support and give aid to fragile, bad-health afflicted folks where they can, share bad-health-turned-to-good health stories and life experiences with the intent of helping people like you who are trying to gather data with which to make sound decisions, and deal with their degraded and degrading health condition(s).

Good luck in your pursuit of the rapid receipt of the “Arterial Surgery Procedure” information you seek.

Aug 3, 2017 · Chronic Total Occlusion in Heart & Blood Health

@donnieg – Do not be impatient…this is a MayoClinic Connect “Hose Connection” to the Worldwide Web, after all. Someone will eventually wander in here to “Contribute” to your initial post.

The rest of us blathering, chitchatting “Non-Contributors” are here to let you know we saw, read your post, and are here for you.

Aug 2, 2017 · Chronic Total Occlusion in Heart & Blood Health

@predictable – This is because it is written interleaved with the De Catgician Code to make it a pseudo-intelligence test.

Aug 2, 2017 · Chronic Total Occlusion in Heart & Blood Health

@pamelaann1 – I synopsize myself as a “Sailor Technologist.” As I bang this out, I am cruising “Flat, Straight & Normal” at nearly 76½ trips around the sun, with three All-Expense Paid Government Tours over and in “Indo-China Garden Spots” logged in my BioCV. “I Have Flown Down In The Valley, Looked The Grim Reaper In The Eye & Made Him Blink First.” The Lord and my Warrior Brethren & Sistren have been very, very good to, smiled on, and continue to bless my beauteous wife and I.

As regards “Positiveness” and “Great Attitude,” I am there in spades…24/7/365.

In the Grand Scheme of Personal Health & Wellness, I received a most excellent DNA “Dice Roll,” and have lived the multiple-decades of my life via clean “Straight-Arrow” living, ala the “Okie From Muskogee” life model. My 1st Grade Chicago Catholic Grade School teacher, Sister Mary Agnes of the Sisters of Blessed Kunegunda “Penguins” Order, would be proud of me.

Knock on wood, I am in excellent health, but I am in “Old Health.” I “Donated My Ears & Hearing ” FLYING NAVY – NAVAL AVIATION. To date, all I have been afflicted with is BPH from living a testosterone-fueled life resulting in an Über Testosterone-Marinated Prostate, which one of Mayo Clinic MCF’s Top Uro-Docs “Fixed” via a 100% Successful, No Side-Effects TURP operation. My “Her Royal Nibs” bride of 55-years is similarly in excellent health, but is likewise in “Old Health.” We both consider ourselves very fortunate.

When I see folks here on Mayo Connect with multiple serious, and painful health problems, I am left a bit breathless to see them “Keep, Keep, Keeping On Truckin’.”

I am actively participating on Mayo Connect on the chance that “@catgic’s 2¢ Worth” will be of value to someone visiting this http://www.site.

For The Record, I come highly recommended by Mayo Connect’s, @predictable. Quote @predictable, “You’re a hoot, @catgic!”

Aug 2, 2017 · Chronic Total Occlusion in Heart & Blood Health

Wow-Wowee! You are truly a “Bionic Woman” swimming the good fight of the DNA “Dice Roll” in your end of the “Gene Pool.” I am impressed with your positiveness, and great attitude regarding living with & around your malady.