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Sep 22, 2011 · Advice for a mother whose 15-year-old daughter is cutting? in About Kids & Teens

Hello Mari-Denise

My thoughts are with you.

I have personally ‘accompanied’ several young women, cutting themselves.
Without going too much into a hypothesis, I would like to offer you a website, which I have just come across myself.

Following a very interesting concept

Cutting – Self-Injury From the TEENS’s PERSPECTIVE

“I don’t think anyone wants to cut when they are being listened to.” S. Hein

I could imagine, that studying this website, could give you on one hand more information, on the other hand, it might give you a unique way of learning to understand and therefore becoming able to help your daughter in the way, she does need and would like to receive help.

By the way, the fact, that she has ‘chosen’ you as the person of trust, speaks very loud about your POSITIVE relationship to her. Sadly, very often, the parents are the ones, which learn last, if ever about it…

Give it a try, have a look at the website. You might find from there further material to go on your ‘not self-chosen’ journey.


I just wish you now all you need and would like to read more about how you two are doing in this challenging situation. Maybe I can give some more assistance with time.

Right now, feel supported!

Best wishes,


Sep 22, 2011 · I think I have depression in Depression & Anxiety

Hello Miranda, I have just a moment ago joined this forum, and have come across your posting right away.

Hoping not to confuse you too much, I am tempted to say ‘not you have a depression’; but the ‘depression HAS you’. Feeling kind of lost against it?

Try to think about ‘depression’ as a further symptom, of some other cause. Don’t give ‘it’ too much power and weight, please…

The cutting you describe, has often to do with the inability to express, to release, what you would ‘like to let out’.

The cutting is kind of a ‘artificial way’ to get the pressure, which has built up in you, out of your system and body. I have accompanied several women, who cut themselves…and all of them said, that they cut themselves, so they finally feel themselves again and it would help them release pressure (as described).

Does this kind of a description resonate in you of any kind?

Somehow you point it out yourself, if I get you right, you DO WANT TO LIVE….just NOT under these circumstances, do I get you correctly?

Your environment seems to have to deal enough with themselves.

Let me ask you to think about a person, maybe someone you have not thought of so far, to whom you would either have trust already, or someone you could build trust for the first time?

Having someone like this, being able and ready to support and accompany you on that sometimes challenging and daring way of yours, would be fantastic for you.

Maybe this person could even get in touch with ideal people like ‘psychologists / counsellors’ and so on….in case you don’t have the energy and will-power to do it right away for yourself.

Hey, I would very much enjoy hearing more from you. Why don’t you use the anonymity of this forum, to find people, which understand you and maybe help you in that way, to learn to understand yourself better?

Worth a try?

I am for my part “glad to have met you here”.

Have a nice evening and talk to you soon,