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Sep 19, 2018 · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

hi, going out on a limb here, so work with me, ok. Having myself just gone through an emotional awakening a few years back and spending the last 10 years learning about how /i have left psychologists puzzled by my success.
So, here it is for you to run around in your head. What does the brain do when a person is out in the freezing cold? The brain has a back up plan for every possible situation that might shut it down, in other words its a survivor. Now the brain shuts off circulation to the limbs. Right?
I believe with all mind and body illnesses the brain is the one behind it all. Just imagine your brain getting a signal telling it, the eyes are never outside, so they fail to need to produce moisture, like they would if they were outside all the time.
Take Alzheimer for could it be the brain is realizing the person is using pictures to remember people, push one button on a phone and a call is made, and so much more, so the brain realizing it can be a little more effencient by shuting down part of the brain used for memory. don’t need memory working so hard when there are tools to use.
Thus, use the medication, but, don’t depend on entirely. spend more time outside or at a floral shop. find things to that will tell the brain need to work here, need moisture. Too the medication might work even better by being in places you normally be go. goodluck

Sep 19, 2018 · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

A friend of mine has parkinson, I told him some day the cure for this will be thinking a certain way, carrying out some kind of activity and this will cure the desease. We fully don’t understand the power of the brain, so we adapt to the condition by using something. Are we better off today then we were 1000 years ago.
Throughout my life I didn’t have the higher level of thinking to help with problems, so, they went away and I got better. Imagine had my parents known just how severe my mental state was as a child.
Over the last ten years I have met people with mental disability at my age in the 40s and still the same as they were as a child. When I sit down with the group to share my life. they are sit back, one guy very upset and walks out only to turn around tp say “you are your own best doctor.” These people didn’t need medication, they needed exposure to the environment outside to experience life as a child with scaped knees, a sting by an ant, climbing trees, playing in the rain, doing things a kid gets to do before they realize how it looks from another persons view.
When people turn to alternative preventions or aids to help them cope with life, they are failing to make the brain work in ways unknown to docotrs, psychologist and others in the professional field.
I often wonder what illnesses are in other countires where there isn’t a Walgreens to go fill a presciption to treat a condition. Are people asctually so lost that even after hearing the side effects associated with taking the pill, all they can think is my condtion will go away. How can a person take on side effects so severe life maybe at risk only to get rid of one condtion to be faced with another one.
Please don’t take this the wrong way. Due to a work injury I have a very bad shoulder which is very painful, very painful when putting pressure on it. While my wife and were making love, it was hurting severelly, I almost stopped, until I focused completely on what we were doing. The pain went away.
With my migraines triggered by my work, I pour 100% of my focus into my work applying all off my five senses to fully concentrate on my activity. I haven’t had a severe attack in 8 years, then I had to go into a dark room, very quite and relax until my my medcation started to work.
Lets look at my dog who I will have to give away. Do you know what happens if I give her a bath everyday. You should look it up. Its not good for the dog and I didn”t have to look it up to see what happens when she goes without a bath for a week.
Where we live other people fail to care for there dogs. when I take her for a walk she comes back in scratching, I wash her and fleas just come pouring off of her. So, I will have to find her a home.
I do not take or use anything, /I have chosen to study my problem and allow my five senses and creative skill to work as they did when I was a child, its much like not having a mind. Like that of a one year old.
Do you know how destructive the mind is to people living with problems? People at birth and the first couple of years had more conflicts, challenges and problems then any adult. The mind screws it up by taking over the five senses, the mind(thinking) steps in to create it own values and principles on the things the five senses are experiencing.
Had I a mind growing up I wouldn’t be sitting here sharing with you things I have learn over the last 50 years. Let me share with you something on the brain, the brain doesn’t know right from wrong, up from down or hot from cold, it hasn’t changed since day one, birth.
It gives you what you think about he most. A few months back I tried something to see what would happen. I work on farms in the middle of the night running tractors, I watched the movie Jeepers Creepers, then I went to work, I did this everyday. While at work in the middle of the field with corn fields around me and a full moon in the sky, I would turn off all my lights get outside my tractor to wait for him to come. I next started to look around to see what thigns would look like him. Usning my imagination I put a lot of effort to seeing things to scre me into believing something is there.
After a three weeks of doing this, it became boring, I got back to focusing on work. Only my brain wasn’t done, it continued to make look at something by sending me an impluse to look at things that didn’t look right.
Learn how to use the mind in the right way and the impluses coming from the brain will feed the mind with good things. Now I have to undo this which has become a problem. Which it is almost gone.
You know the reason a diet(do I eat today) never works? I just shared with you the answer. When a person consumes there mental activity with what and how and where and the thinking is related to food. The brain is going to continue to send impluses trying to help the mind eat better.
I don’t know about you? But, when I’m hungry and somebody starts talking about food or I get an impluse about food and sometimes I smell something which isn’t there. I have to eat. The problem is the brain needs to relax and to do this the mind has to relax. People need to make something the “Hghlight” of the day. Do you sit at work going through the morning thinking about what you are going to have for lunch or do you brain a lunch and still look forward to kunch time. Either way you have made it a point to the brain that food is the “highlight” in your life.
The power of the brain lies within the ability to not think.

Sep 19, 2018 · Sjogren’s Syndrome – Introduce yourself and meet others in Autoimmune Diseases

Three things have to take place in order for this kind of mental activity to work, when doing anything or involved in anything by yourself or with somebody else, 1. you have to keep an open mind to allow the five senses to take in information, 2. you have to be patient to allow for something to develope, 3. Now you can think.
With over 36 years of work experience with over 40 businesses in four states and working in a think tank, I can freely say, “it is very difficult for a person to hold back from thinking first and everything else comes last.” Another problem is people have to assume things without having all the information needed to make a decision or be creative.
When you were born there was no mind to help you think. If, you had a mind you would have made decisions in ways which would have slowed down your learning ability.
Autism I believe is the result of when the mind begins to take over the open minded or no thinking and confusion developes from it. There isn’t a smooth transition, for a child to think on a too high of a level can create brain failure much the same way the brain saves us from experienceing severe pain.
When I watched my grandchildren grow up, they proved my theory to be correct. Let five senses work first, take in all informaion, be patient,let it come, then think or act on it.
when I was 41 there needed to be a change in my life. There wasn’t an ability to feel or have feeling for anybody or anything which was a conditon /i was born with and a near drowing made it worse.
What helped me to find my feeling which has puzzled psychologists in different fields of practice was “how did you get feeling and emotions to start working?” There were many things I did, two things !.the open minded part 1., 2. and 3. combined with helping anybody in need of attention, service or care.
Before getting feeling emotion I had to study what just happened and then I would responde in a way according to what just happened. The problem with this is my wife, children and people felt I didn’t care. I cared, there just wasn’t the ability to back it up with a feeling or emotion. I know the importance of money, yet, I have no emotional connection to it.
So, psychologists can’t explain how a part of the brain which has never worked is now working. 1.open mind-free from thinking, 2. be patient allow time to pass for everything to fall into place, 3. think about it with positive thoughts. A person can’t go through a day walkng around like a Zombie or a Buddist Monk. That is failure for people like me, failure is doing nothing. I’m 50 and feel like a teenager because I find everything fasinationg, even conflicts, challenges and problems I welcome, yes even negative minded people who can only assume all things are the way they see it.
Life is fun when looked at through the eyes of a child. To defy age means to not live a life of repetitive activities. The Best to you.

Jan 31, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, thanks for getting back with me. I do agree to an extent on the matter of a person developing a state of mind when life has been giving them sweets things to enjoy and from out of the blue unexpected a mental condition developes. I could share things with you from my childhood which would show just how disconnected my mental state was from the real world. I had alomst zero feeling and emotions, very little ability to think, and 99% of the time locked in my world.
Now what I have learned from spending time around people living with a mental condition from mild to severe had to do with them living with stress. Michael J. Fox while in India or one of those countries pointed out how relxed and at peace with everything had allowed him to feel calm without stress. That peaceful calm state helped him the same way his medication helped him.
I beleive a person’s brain creates bad chemicals/damaging chemicals when they can’t get rid of the stress, the stress chemicals eat up the cells in the brain the same way lad, acid and other bad drugs do.
When I was growing up my mental state didn’t allow anything to create stress. I wasn’t able to hold on to things from the past. For example, when I was 15 a friend and I went over to a have fun witha couple fo girls, when we left there wasn’t anything popping up casuing tme to think something. The next day, nothing and she was nice and pretty and we had fun.
In 8th grade Robert P. walks up to me kicks me in the groin, I’m in pain, not crying, I’m looking at him as he backing up to walk away, as soon as the pain leaves, I go back to what I was going, again on the opposite end of the spectrum, there wasn’t any remembering. It was back to what I was doing.
How many ways can you sharpen a knife? This works the same way in our routine, our daily living, a daily life, our repetitive life style. We moved a lot as a child, so, I got to try new foods, there were new smells, new people, new things to see, new sounds, and then six months or nine months later, moving again.
I beleive had we lived in the saem house, same smells and so on, I would be who I am today. We lived in the country and sometimes in a small town, I was always outside exploring new things and experiencing pain from falling out of a tree, a sting by watching a yellow stinging scorpion scrawl up to my little pinky and sting it, to smelling the air after a shower, I got to experience everything outdoor.
Find me a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist who takes clients outside to the wild or outdoors to explore things you can’t find or do indoors. Repetition doesn’t work for the brain. the brain is trained and developed based on the first few years of our life. Which means a person needs to be outside 80 to 90 percent of the day, doing things a child would do. Find a doctor doing this kind of therapy and you may find a doctor with success.
What I know is this, the brain is an organ, that needs the five senses to always be finding new things to explore, this stimulates the brain. Another thing I beleive we all have genes which can be triggered at any time, causing a person to develope a condition, created by a life style of repitition and stress.
Thus, How did I turn on my brain? How did I get my brain to start up my thinking? How did I get feelings I never had since birth? How am I able to live one day to the next without stress? These things started up in the last few years and I’m 50. Now from a professional point of view and experience, doctors, psychologists cant explain how I did it.
Don’t get lost by spending your day listening to your mind tell you things, go outside and find something to do you would never in your life do. Make it fun, make special, make something like a child would go do, climb a tree, buy a toy and play with it at a park. Do anything, just stop being an adult for one day,can you do that? Sincerely R.

Jan 25, 2012 · Want to taper off Pristiq, makes my heart race in Depression & Anxiety

Hi, you can get off of it, it will take some time, here is what I shared with a support group livng with mental illnesses and depression. You first need to change one thing with everything you do in a day. Meaning stop waking up to doing the same thing each morning, stop doing the same things as you go through the morning, stop doing the same things at lunch, the same for the rest of the day. What this means, you have been living one day to the next with about a 95% repeat of the things you did the day before. So, whats new in your life? What are habits? Habits are things you do without having to think about how to do them. Try to catching yourself doing two things at one time. This also means doing something and also thinking about something not relating to what you are doing. This is a bad habit. *You need to explore your five senses, eat something you have never tried, find new things to smell, listen to something different, engage in new ocnversations, walk away form the same old stuff, reach out to touch all surfaces, feel a flower, feel rough surfaces, feel running water on your hand, find new things to see. What this will do is stimulate your brain helping you to slowly come off your medication with little side effect.
Imagine having a sharp pain, the more you try to feel it, the stronger it will get. But, focusing on something new and different the pain isn’t as bad. By doing new things, by taking risk to try something different while slowly over time reducing your intake of the medication will make it easier to get off of it. >I shared this with the group, four months later, a college girl told us she was able to reduce your med. intake by half and was feeling good enough to start dating again. by the time I left the group she was off her meds.
Change your daily habits. Explore your five senses. Find new things to do which means challenge yourself. Avoid interacting with wasteful conversations or activities which have no value. In the future, know that your brain can porduce any medication, all you need to do is change how you think. Thinking makes the brain produce good and bad chemicals

Jan 25, 2012 · Testosterone Levels in Men's Health

Hi, I’m 50 all is fine. Let talk about checks and balances between the brain and the body. The body is really on its own, so to speak, however the brain working with the body are connected through a series of balances and checks. to get the drive back you need interaction with people on a high level. You need to be positive in all situations. Stop beleiving everything you hear, for example, “MEN SHOULDN’T TAKE HOT BATHS” I take at least four hot baths a week and have my whole life. there isn”t this eat certain things, take certain vitamins. You have to go out to places and relax, don’t expect something to happen, just relax and let the things around you take you in, before long the brain will reconnect with things and you will feel it happen. My wife after 30 years is like WOW what are you doing, our love making is great, and your thing is huge. So, the answer to your problem is to forget the problem and get active in your life. Look when a gland in the body stops producing the brain gets a signal to activate that gland. But, if the brain isn’t connecting with an activity relating to what the perpose of that is used for, then there is a good chance the brain isn’t going to respond.
I also beleive the brain is super efficient, when you slow down or stop using a part of the brain and body, the brain will conserve energy by shutting down things. this can happen at any age. Go mingle, go connect, go walk through a Mall, when you make eye contact, make a little smile wihout intentions. I naturally have a smile and you wouldn’t beleive how many women smile at me, I really didn’t put together until my wife pointed it out.
Go to Victoria Secret and you’ll get a boost. Just don’t sit on your ass waiting for somebody else to make it happen. The brain needs to be active. Good Luck

Jan 25, 2012 · Concern about what others will think of your mental illness in Mental Health

Hi, one of the biggest problems people have once they are told of their mental illness, they use it as a crutch, which allows them to use their condition when they want or to take advantage of certain situations or to say what ever they want and you have to accept it. Just because a person has a condition doesn’t mean they are disabled or not intelligent in any way. They can accomplish what ever they put their mind to, the sad part is a doctor told them they have a condition and now they become so fixed on it, it begins to be a big part of their life. >I stepped up to the base and took on helping a 40 year old living with ocd, bipolar, severe depression, and living with paranoid schidzophrenia to the point I would find him hiding in the pantry to advoid being detected by the government with their heat sensors. He couldn’t afford his medications at a cost of a $1000 a month, so, this guy was a wreck. Four months later, his boss(employer) asked him “Wayne are you back on your medication?” Wayne said no, Rusty has been helping me. By the way he was dianosed with ocd and bipolar in high school.
The brain is a very powerful tool once a person can control their thoughts. How does a person control their thoughts? By being selective of their thoughts. Its very important to know what the future looks like, its very important to prepare things today to make tomorrow easier, its very important to address issues with a positive attitude the same way a child is taught, plan tomorrow by illiminating any situation which may create stress,(remember when a person has too many little stresses, they can feel like one big one) write down everything you do in a day and do it again the next day like a journal, what you will see after a couple of months are paterns which are habits.
What I learned about people in generalthey are creatures of habits. when aperson has a mental condition this type of living allows the person to spend most of their time reliving the past or their looking to the future with very little hope. So, my advice to shake things up before more habits are developed. Habits allows you to eat, clean, watch tv, listen to a conversation, drive, and while doing these things be able to think about non-productive things like “I can do anything, I have a mental condition, I don’t feel good, I this and I that. But, when a person is faced with new things to do each day, they havn’t time to get lost on their petty trip.
I gave Wayne so many new things to think about he didn’t have time to look back or to think about himself. I’m talking about a man who has been living with mental illnesses for over 20 years and here he was without medication and getting better with each day.
A person can chose to stay in their world or they can say If, I don’t change my way of thinking I will not have a future. A person with any kind of mental illness has the ability to make decisions about their future. Looking back on yesterday only means tomorrow will be like today.

Jan 25, 2012 · Low Functioning Autism in Autism (ASD)

Here is what I believe Autism is and what causes it. A child with Autism lacks the ability to use their mind. There isn’t anything damage to the brain, the simple doesn’t have a mind to activate the brain. What causes Autism? I beleive the reason behind a child developing Autism by age two has to do with the brain shuting down to protect itself from farther psychological damage. A baby comes into the world with nothing such as knowledge, experience, memory, skill, and so much more. The child begins to learn things at an alarming rate. Think about it from birth with nothing to age two they have learnede a language, learn to walk, become independent in many ways, curious about everything, all within the first 15 months with most kids. Now all it takes is for something to create confussion, for the child to get lost in the process of learning.
When the mind becomes confused and there isn’t an exit to close off the confusion, the condition will get worse. What I beleive is around the age of two or earlier the child slowwly lets go of the infant way of thinking which really isn’t the mind thinking, I beleive it has more to do with the subconscious mind slowly letting the conscious mind take over and this is when the parents have to be sure thereisn’t anything in the child’s life to create confusion.
Watch the movie 50/50, to see how they are one place and next somewhere else. A child watching it would become confused and stuck on trying to work it out in their head. Cartoon and kids shows are worse today then they were 50 years ago, this allows for a shorter movie or show to allow more time for commercials. Parents may not realize they actions are not being completed in a way by which the child can make sense.
My grandchildren would go for walks with me. One day it rained and Madilyn wouldn’t walk where we had walked many times. So, when I tried to get her to walk through this repaved square patch of road surface, it was wet so it looked like a big square hole. but, I cold still she was working it out in her head and finally she walked through it. I beleive the reason there are not as many girls with Autism has to do with their nautural ability to think throught things.
Now boys not developing Autism I beleive its due to not hanging on to the confusion, if they become confused they let go of it and move on to something else forgetting about what just happened.
I honestly beleive parents have to be on top of their childs activites. television is the worse thing for a child who hasn’t gotten the hang of using the mind. while watching Cody Banks with my grandson, we watch cody go into a building with a backpack on and comes out the other side without it. He ask me “where is his backpack.?” So, I explain its a school with lockers. A short while later, Madilyn asked me “where is the music coming from? she could see a radio or a band playing, so I explain it to her.
Now what had they been left along while like many parents was doing something else. Autism can be prevented, its a matter of how much involvement do the parents want with their child.