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Sep 12, 2011 · Seasonal Affective Disorder in Depression & Anxiety

Its real.Good advice given here.I was diagnosed with it many yrs ago by a therepest…She made me realize I was only having problems during 2 months out of the yr and the same 2 months always.That was very helpfull because now I know when to expect it.I take celexa(an antidepressant) all yr long with xtra vitamin D.Im doing much better.Definantly make a chart to see when things are the worst for you so you know when.

Sep 12, 2011 · Wife of someone with borderline personality disorder, need answers in Mental Health

I completly disagree that theyve come a long way dealing with BPD. The great majority of Drs wont even deal with it because they cant do anything about it.They put the person on meds and for a short time the person might or might not take them.If they do take them they eventually delude themselves that they are ‘well’ and go off said meds on there own.Then theyre back to b4 square 1. Ten yrs ago I left a long term marriage…he had been diagnosed bipolar but went off his meds whenever he felt like it.He was physically abusive to me and our grown kids…..had young girlfriends calling the house night and day…my ‘orders’ were to treat them good. I finally divorced him but didnt realize his evilness would turn 2 outa 3 of our grown kids against me with his obsessive lies.I lost 2 kids and 4 grandchildren to the evil of this person. My advice is to leave and NEVER look back.No matter what you lose you gain so much back.I’m once again ME! and I like ME!