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Sun, Jul 5 9:41pm · So sad: Husband has glioma and I feel he is fading away in Brain Tumor

@rosez … I am praying for you. Caring for others within their expectations is always difficult, and rarely allows you to feel that you can make a difference. You have been there through thick and thin, standing by your husband's side when he needs you most. It takes strength, courage and commitment to get through it, and compassion for what he is experiencing; I hope he is recognizing the efforts you're making for his well-being. If he isn't, it may be due to the disease. I have a meningioma that affects my emotions when I have symptoms; my feelings are "flat" and I have a lot of difficulty expressing thanks since I don't 'feel' grateful. When it is day-in-day-out 24/7, it wears me out as well. I hope your husband realizes that you are a Godsend to him and loves you more for your care and devotion to him. You deserve it!

Fri, Jul 3 7:32am · Newly Diagnosed With Meningioma: What can I expect with surgery? in Brain Tumor

@fiddlinchuck Thank you! I wasn't advised against driving, but I took the initiative and gave up my keys to my husband and grown daughter. They've been awesome in running my errands and making sure I have what I want/need. I'm very blessed to have a great family and friends to help, and a support system to call on when I feel overwhelmed. I couldn't imagine going through this alone 💞. So happy to hear that you're in the 'rear-view'… your encouragement is very appreciated!

Thu, Jul 2 10:48am · Newly Diagnosed With Meningioma: What can I expect with surgery? in Brain Tumor

@fiddlinchuck — Thank you! Mine isn't near my eye, but it is in my right sinus… the concerns are that it has also involved the large vein at the base of my skull. I pray I have a good surgical outcome like yours! I've already been told they might not be able to take the whole tumor out because of the location and the possibility of nerve damage. Blessings to you as you continue your recovery!

Thu, Jul 2 10:43am · Newly Diagnosed With Meningioma: What can I expect with surgery? in Brain Tumor

I am home now, 7 hours away. My husband and I head back again on the 4th for preop testing and blood work on the 5th. Angiography on the 7th, and Craniotomy on the 8th. It is amazing how quickly it all was put together. I walked into Mayo on Tuesday with no answers and left two hours later with a fully-planned schedule. Still finalizing plans but feeling better and well taken care of!

Thu, Jul 2 6:02am · Newly Diagnosed With Meningioma: What can I expect with surgery? in Brain Tumor

My journey started with a massive headache and nausea that wouldn’t stop. “Stress at work” and a migraine was what the NP at my local small hospital said was causing the problem. After 4 days of not being able to think, move without pain or eat, I went to the emergency room, where they threw all the drugs at me for migraine but nothing helped until they gave me steroids. I asked if there was a test or scan they could do that would show if I had a bleed or something at the small hospital. They did a CT and found a meningioma about the size of a navel orange behind my right sinus going down to the base of my skull behind my ear. The NP in charge of my care said that I am my best advocate! Transferred to the larger hospital an hour away via ambulance ride, but they had a stand-in on call neurosurgeon since our area only has one specialist, which was very unhelpful. After three days in the hospital getting the symptoms under control, the neurosurgeon rescheduled my initial appointment twice due to personal reasons and vacation. I had decided to research myself, and found that Mayo has the best care available, so after a whirlwind week, I was seen for the first time in Rochester. I’m scheduled for angiography to map the vessel inclusion next Tuesday and craniotomy on Wednesday to remove the tumor. The difference in attitude and how I’ve been treated at Mayo has been INCREDIBLE. Still anxious and more than a little scared about what happens next. What can I expect?