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Mon, Jun 22 2:40pm · Visit to Jax. Mayo Clinic in Visiting Mayo Clinic

I was only told that I'd have the one appointment and nothing was mentioned about additional testing or appointments. I'm not too sure what to expect

Mon, Jun 22 1:07pm · Visit to Jax. Mayo Clinic in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hello all! I am going down to Mayo Jacksonville tomorrow morning for an appointment with an Ehlers Danlos specialist. I have many records on paper, which I plan to bring, but I'm worried I'll be missing something. Do Mayo doctors appreciate the beloved medical binder? I tend to bring everything in one binder, but my local doctors find it annoying. It's been a long road to be able to see someone at Mayo, and I guess I'm looking for confirmation that the doctors there care and won't blame the illness on me. Also, any first timer tips are appreciated! I just have the one appointment at 7am. Thank you all!