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Mon, Jun 22 12:04am · Common back pain therapies that probably don’t work in Aging & Health: Take Charge

I had the mixture & it sorta worked but the Percocet works the best. I’m in so much pain lately I feel I need a stronger opioid. Don’t know what though. My drops I bought online. So much cheaper than at the dispensary. I didn’t have to put them under my tongue & I could take them whenever I was in pain. Sometimes 4-5 times a day. Good Luck!

Sun, Jun 21 11:58pm · Common back pain therapies that probably don’t work in Aging & Health: Take Charge

You buy it already mixed at the dispensary. You need a Marajuana License first. Get that from the pot dr & pay him yearly . Then get the license & pay for that yearly. Then go to the dispensary & buy your pot or mixture which is an oil mixture & very expensive. To tell you the truth I let my license expire, that was $75. Dr was $90. Pot or whatever you want is a very small amount for $65 or $90. They don’t sell buds like in Colorado. It’s easier to buy the pot from a friend or off the street but it’s not mixed w CBD. You can buy CBD oil drops or gummies online. It’s your choice but expensive. Good Luck!

Sun, Jun 21 3:59pm · Common back pain therapies that probably don’t work in Aging & Health: Take Charge

I take Percocet, 4 a day. I take 2 when I get up, 1 mid afternoon & 1 before bed. Sometimes I feel like I need another. Vicodin doesn’t work for me at all. I have a marajuana license here in Florida. I tried smoking the plain CBD, no relief. The THC worked great but I felt too high. The THC/CBD mixture works rather well. My CBD gummies I think work but then it might be wishful thinking. I have a Virtual call with my Pain Mgt. dr on Thursday. I’ve been having so much pain when walking & cleaning 3 litter boxes lately that I was going to ask my dr if there was a stronger opioid that I could take. I don’t even feel the opioid high I’m in so much pain. He said it’s because of the pain. If I wasn’t in pain I’d be high as a kite. Will keep you updated. This has been going on for almost 10 years now Where in Fla do you live? I’m in West Palm Beach. Good luck to you!

Sun, Jun 21 3:33am · Severe Stenosis - Doc advises surgery in Spine Health

I had surgery for spinal stenosis 3 years ago. The pain down my left leg was unbearable. I’m so glad I made that decision but I saw 3 drs before I decided to have my surgery. Now I have L4 & L5 herniated/ bulging. I said no immediately to a spinal fusion. The dr wanted to do that to my daughter when she was 6 for her scoliosis from Muscular Dystrophy. We said we weren’t putting a child through that cause as she grew she’d need another fusion. I highly recommend spinal stenosis surgery! But now I’m in constant severe pain when I walk. Tried NSAIDs, no luck, Medical Marajuana, no luck. I’ve been on Opioids for 2 years now and feel awesome. Not high great, but normal again. I’ve found that CBD Gummies work too. Tried them a few years ago & no luck. But now the gummies with my Percocet work great. No to the stimulation but my Tens device seems to help too. It seems like everyone’s pain relief is different as is their pain. Good luck but I would definitely say no to the Spinal Fusion Surgery!!!

Sun, Jun 21 3:15am · Common back pain therapies that probably don’t work in Aging & Health: Take Charge

My friend has had hers in place for 2 years & has had little relief.she said she wishes she knew she wasn’t going to get any relief from it or she never would have had it implanted. I wish I had known that the Epidurals were useless. I had absolutely no relief at all. What a total waste of money! The Tens device gives me temporary pain relief. The only thing that works for me is opioids.Percocet works for me! L4 & L5 are herniated and extremely painful. Lately I’m in intense pain when I walk. NSAIDs provide no relief at all. Lately I’ve had a bit of luck with CBD Gummies.