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Mon, Sep 7 11:23pm · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

A new update:
Starting about 3-4 weeks ago, I've been skipping on the med altogether.
It's not that I successfully got off Seroquel, but simply 12.5mg felt no different than nothing at all.
Now off Seroquel (and any meds in general), I've got back to suffering anxiety and insomnia like prior to when I was put on medication.
I don't know if I'll have to second guess this decision but the reason I'm so reluctant to do so is that now I'm more aware of the problems in my life and of the urgency of a fix.
I mean that in the last years I've been accepting my situation through a good dose of denial, because I was too young and being given bad advice by my family.
Perhaps I'm at a stage where I'm demonizing meds and I shouldn't, but I can't help but think that meds have made me acceptant of a situation that should have been dealt with promptly rather than disregarded.

As for withdrawal symptoms, I don't have anything significant to report. My dose, 25mg, was pretty low to begin with. I don't even feel a noticeable change in libido.
Like I mentioned, now I'm having troubles falling asleep, and the amount of sleep I get at night is reduced to 4-5 hours, but this is just a problem I was struggling with before being on meds (also what made me look for meds back then).

Mon, Jun 8 7:24am · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

Hello again everybody. My update:
I recently bought the 25mg pill pack and I've been cutting them into halves and trying to sleep on those halves for three nights.
So far, it seems to be working well. And last night I was able to fall asleep with less effort than the previous two nights.
Still, I'm going to bed very late these days and waking up very late too because I currently have no schedule to maintain.
I'll try to impose a more rigid and early pattern from now on just to see if I can with only 12.5mg. Also because it's healthier. So will probably post if I'll have success or not with that.

Wed, May 20 9:47am · Getting off of Seroquel in Depression & Anxiety

Hi everybody. I'm glad I've found this thread on the internet, have been reading the first half of it so far, will continue to catch up another time. I figured I'd provide my own experience and feedback on the med.

I've been on seroquel for 3 and a half years by now, mostly because of restlessness (supposedly triggered and fueled by anxiety and stress).
My initial dose was 100mg, to take after dinner. The doctor also prescribed me duloxetine to take once waking up, in order for me to feel less of a zombie.
For more than a year now I've only been on seroquel 25mg, although I still resort to 50mg when I'm particularly anxious and can't fall asleep with 25mg.
I haven't really consulted my psych in the last 2 years, can't afford it, so I've been doing this all on my own.
Every once in a while I try to sleep without taking any seroquel and it never works, like last night. It's completely shattering for me.
I really want to get off of it completely as it makes me feel sluggish and unproductive and I don't even like my body as my weight is 10-14 kilos more than what it used to be.
I'm currently cutting 100mg pills into four to get a 25mg dose. I've read in this thread's earliest pages that 25mg pills are also commercialized and it looks like it in my country too, so I guess I should buy those and start cutting them into two pieces to lower the dosage further.

When I switch from 25mg to 50mg, I suffer constipation (and hemorrhoids too sometimes) the first days after that.
When trying to get back to 25mg, I may also be unable to put myself asleep at first attempt, but it's never particularly complicated. This is probably due to the fact that I've been avoiding taking 50mg unless I'm being under particularly high levels of stress.
Conversely, when I lower the dosage, I may get fewer hours of sleep the first nights, than the average 9-10 hours I get on a steady prolongued regime of 25mg.

I still think 9-10 hours is too much, especially considering that once awoken I feel sluggish, hence why I wanna further lower the dosage.
My libido is obviously below average but on 25mg I can still manage.

Also, I don't quite understand this but it seems that I feel very cold during my sleep when I'm on seroquel. I used to think it was just me becoming unusually sensitive to cold in these last years but it's most probably not the case as last night (while skipping on the med) I tried sleeping with the same pajamas and blankets as regularly and I was just melting, like normal people would (for example my brother who sleeps in the same room). But the thing is that it's not just my impression, as if I don't cover myself that much, I get headache, throatache and earrache the day after. I also usually know this in advance as I get nightmares when I'm feeling cold during my sleep. Unfortunately, I'm generally unable to wake up in the midst of the night due to the effect of the med, even if I'm having vivid nightmares.
I'd need to spend more nights off of the med to really conclude that it's the med's fault with certainty but I can't deprive myself of sleep that often.

I will be following the thread from now on and post updates whenever there will be any