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Sat, Sep 5 9:46am · COPD exacerbation: How long does it take to feel better? in Lung Health

Yes, our heating/cooling system had something similar. it is an active filter we bought for our daughter's allergies. It operates with electric energy passing through thin strands of wire. Worked pretty good for her. I was also told it produces a small amount of ozone which cleans the air. Now our daughter is off on her own, and the air cleaner is broke. Been using Merv13 filters that fit into the filter cabinet. You have a good weekend as well.

Fri, Sep 4 7:06pm · COPD exacerbation: How long does it take to feel better? in Lung Health

In general I am not doing bad at all. Considering the COPD, Cancer, and a few other health concerns. I just go about my day trying to keep up. Like mowing the grass, weed trimming, etc. Went to grocery store for curbside, drugstore, swept the garage, and cleaned out inside of two cars today. So I try and keep up. I can't sit on my duff unless I have a good book, maybe a glass of wine to go with it. It really bothers me though when the kids tell me to sit and take it easy. I dunno, must look worse than I feel.
I really do not need rescue inhaler unless it is one of those muggy days. Then if I take it easy I am ok without inhaler.

The Nurse told me they had to wean me off Prednisone. Was taking 30,they dropped me to 20 for several days, and on till I got too five. I had some issues when they went from 30 mg to 20 mg. But it cleared.

Fri, Sep 4 2:37pm · COPD exacerbation: How long does it take to feel better? in Lung Health

I wish you the best with rehab. Have you been told how often you will have to go? Or for how long? It will surely be good for your lungs, muscle tone, etc. Not too mention the fact it will give you some tools to work with at home.
Take care,
Mr. Bill

Fri, Sep 4 7:24am · COPD exacerbation: How long does it take to feel better? in Lung Health

No problem with shaking. Dr. has me on 5 mg Prednisone . That was prescribed by medical oncologist and goes with Zytiga. Respiratory Doctor at clinic said she would not object to 10 mg. Tried that and had a hard time sleeping. In hospital they had me taking 30 mg. Of course they had these nice little pills that helped you sleep. Only time I was shaking then was when nurse, who ran needles over sandpaper before giving injection, came in.

Thu, Sep 3 1:16pm · COPD exacerbation: How long does it take to feel better? in Lung Health

Yes Merry, I am also taking Trelegy. I just have to be careful that I don't puff out when taking a breath in. I have blown the med out the wrong way a couple of times. 90 seems to be the magical number; even if not the best. I have taken several deep breaths after a low reading and lo and behold it rises a few points.

Thu, Sep 3 8:39am · COPD exacerbation: How long does it take to feel better? in Lung Health

You absolutely have to be your own advocate when it comes to health care. Ask questions, check medication, etc. I am also taking Zytiga for Cancer treatment. It seems you cannot bring your own meds to hospital. Had a difficult time convincing staff that I absolutely needed this drug. It was between me and further metastasis. Finally at hospital they let me bring it in and was administered by hospital pharmacist. After it took me some time to convince duty nurse I had to take one hour before food.
Even though I was scheduled for nebulizer four times daily, it was hit and miss till I said something.

No I am no longer on o2. Respiratory nurse said I should stay with treatment until I do 6 minute walk. Which I will not do within current environment. Since I left hospital care I do not use nebulizer either. If I felt some type of episode coming on I would use either nebulizer or rescue inhaler. But that has not happened. o2 levels stay between 93 – 98. The did give me an Airlife lung exercise device which I do use twice a day to improve lung capacity. Once again I am only a patient, and because I may do something against doctor's recommendation, it doesn't make it right.

Past experience has taught us a valuable lesson. When in doubt – question. You have to be your own advocate.

Wed, Sep 2 11:09am · COPD exacerbation: How long does it take to feel better? in Lung Health

Hi Marley,
Yikes! Twice in 6 weeks. Same happened to me. They sent me home from rehab after couple days in ICU and a few in regular hospital care. Then on to rehab for 4 days and then home. I was home for a couple of days with oxygen and then second exacerbation. Back to ICU for couple of days (along with last rights) and then from one level of care to another in hospital. Back to rehab. I spent a total of 3 1/2 months between rehab and hospital. I was in rehab had issues and ended up back in hospital. This happened several times. It seems I had flu and pneumonia.

How long was each hospital visit for you?

Are you on oxygen at home? – They sent me home with it and doubting if I would ever not need it 24/7. After a few weeks I tried it with no o2 and found my levels to be constantly at 93 to 98. However, I am, by no means, a doctor or even a member of the medical community, other than a patient. So I would certainly consult with Doctor before discontinuing Oxygen.

Have you been prescribed Prednisone? I learned the hard way that it should be taken with food. The folks at the hospital and rehab did not give me Prednisone with food. The result was a GI bleed. Black stool and all. This was at rehab, so back to the hospital we went. After four units of blood they took me to surgery and welded everything shut. Couple days in hospital, back to rehab.

I find myself babbling now. So I will shut up.
However, I do wish you the best. As you see, things do get better.

Mr. Bill

Mon, Aug 10 10:02am · Allergy - newspaper print in Lung Health

My wife will suffer migraines from the odor of newspapers, perfume, exhaust, cleaning products, and a myriad of other odors. We even have wood floors to avoid new carpet odors. I believe someone told me newspaper print/ink has a petroleum product in it. But that was some time ago.