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Sat, May 2 4:25pm · Multi vessel stenting vs bypass surgery in Heart & Blood Health

Hi Lioness and Coleen thank you for your reply's.. I am living in London and my dad is in Ireland in hospital. It is a difficult time to try and communicate it's not thr same over a phone as talking with the cardiologists or cardiothoracic surgeon plus so much harder when they both have different opinions and those been quite different!!
I am trying to see if I can get another cardiologist to give another opinion. Sorry he is not positve for covid 19. We are just worried that having the bypass surgery he may be high risk of getting thr virus and feel it would be a dangerous time as not sure he would fight it..to say that my is young 65 this year…just wondering has some people had experience of multivessel stenting with LAD artery damage at 80%.
Thank you all 🙂

Sat, May 2 1:55pm · Multi vessel stenting vs bypass surgery in Heart & Blood Health

Hi wondering do people have experience or know much on multi vessel stenting and bypass surgery.
My dad went for a stress check up and it was decided he would be best to have more tests. A angiogram was done and noted his LAD left main artery has 80% blockage/narrowing right where it branches of to others.
I had his cardiologist offer to options of multivessel stenting (2stents) to be done or bypass surgery. Due to covid 19 there is huge anxiety around my dad catching it and die to surgery not been able to fight the virus. So we are aiming for the multivessel stenting. However amongst this he has a cardiothoracic surgeon saying he feels bypass would be better for him. So 2 different views very conflicting. When asked cardioligist what advice or do you think is best his reply was stenting but he said if you asked the cardiothoracic he would say bypass.
This has now left my dad who is alone in hospital due to covid to make a decsion with helpt from us his family from phone conversations with him and cardiologist.
Is this normal in this type of treatment where the decsion is uo to patient self?
We are so post and confused as we want to make sure he gets the best treatment.