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Jul 29, 2011 · Constant dizziness/imbalance in Brain & Nervous System

Any time someone talks about unexplained dizziness I recall how I for two years went to the doctor and physical therpist to get help for spells of severe vertigo. The answer had nothing to do with a medical problem but was a reaction to the chemicals in my hair product and my make up. When I stopped using them the dizziness was gone for good. Anytime you have dizziness or feel disoriented be suspicious of anything you are using that has toxic chemicals. They are in almost everything.

Jul 25, 2011 · help with undiagnosed condition: light headed in Just Want to Talk

This sounds like he has chemical sensitivites. I have mcs. It is not curable but can be controlled. It isn’t a disease. It is caused by being over exposed to toxic chemicals and the body reacts in many strange ways. I become dizzy and weak, like I am drunk. He needs to be careful of the air he breathes. Things I have to avoid are all fragances, esp. perfume, air fresheners, dryer sheets, hair products, lotions, cleaning products etc. the list goes on. Do a search on MCS there is much information. Many people have this problem. You have to be your own detective. Do not think it will improve on its own, you must learn what to avoid and protect yourself. The more you are exposed the worse it gets. It is an ongoing problem because the chemicals are in almost everything from furniture to clothes to soap. Hope this helps. Char