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Mon, Jun 8 7:57am · 5 months post TKR: Stopped doing exercises and dealing with pain in Joint Replacements

Probably from over doing it on feet all day. I’d recommend compression hose. I’m 5 months out and if I am up and about even with movement for much of the day I’ll have swelling. I’m retired so I can avoid this on most days, however compression hose would likely be beneficial for you. Elevate when you can. Ice with pain. I still ice after 2 -3 mile hikes. I had bilateral replacements. Still doing my exercises as I will loose the max bend in my left knee if I don't. Also review with your doctor regarding the pain.

Hoping for the best,


Wed, Apr 22 10:59am · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Ralph, the massage therapist thought it was IT band. However, that is typically a overuse symptom and pain when heel strikes ground and pain located lateral knee. That’s why I’m not convinced it’s that. But I thing the nerve that connects to that IT band could be affected. I also ride stationary bike daily. I’m gonna try the difclofenac wrapped in Saran plus a knee wrap. I have some that I used presurgery. I use Willow balm now. It’s basically 3 % menthol. It’s a diversion! Like a band aid for a boo boo.


Sun, Apr 19 10:10am · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I am your age and 3.5 months out bilat knee replacement. I have tight band over left lateral knee and feels like knee cap gets pulled to the left with bending. It’s always there and while I can walk 2.5 miles near the end the band sensation is worse and have to increase effort and push with my hands on upper knee area to get it to bend to get in a car. I can get 123 for bend on that side with effort and stretching. Still do daily exercises by PT was going to try massage but canceled after 1 session due to COVID. PT told me to bend it and massage-above knee from knee to thigh to try and stretch the fascia. Can’t say anything has worked. Surgeon says it will go away. I’m beginning to think nerve damage. I hope it goes away but hearing from you and others not sure I trust that it will go away. Happy I can walk though and I can garden but not the way I used to. Takes more effort to find a position to do things and then getting up is very difficult. On the plus side I have built up my arm strength. Very disappointed that surgeon is not more up front about this type of outcome for some patients and is not aware that this problem doesn’t go away for some as I learned on this site. I wonder if the nerve block or the tourniquet used during surgery caused permanent damage.

Wed, Apr 8 11:53am · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

Well this is discouraging. I have this tightness as well, 3.5 months post bilateral knee replacement Its only in my left knee. I’m looking for a cure. My surgeon thinks it will go away. It never gets better although sometimes it can get tighter. I tried medical message, one session, she thinks it is IT band. However my symptoms don’t fit the profile for what people report with tight IT band such as pain when heel strikes ground and pain at lateral knee. THis is a persistent disco for that makes bending a bit harder but I would nnot call it painful, just feels Very thought and nothing seems to make it better. I will pursue medical message when the corona virus lifts as the therapist cancelled all my appointments. Ellenka

Wed, Apr 8 11:37am · Has anyone had a tight band feeling after total knee replacement? in Joint Replacements

I have the same sensation on left lateral knee after replacement. Sometimes feels like it pulls my knee cap laterally. I am nearly 3.5 months and it never goes away. Even seem to tighten when I go for long walks. Very annoying. I was going to try medical message, but after one visits, they were all cancelled due to COVID 19. Some thought it was tight IT band, however I don’t have the symptoms associated with that. My Dr. Didn’t name it but said it will go way but could be months. I was off Meloxicam post op but asked to add it back, can’t say this helped much. Let me know if you have a cure. Ellenka