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Tue, May 5 4:23am · Possible S3 nerve damage in Spine Health

Hi gravey. from Georgia in Australia . Yes I have at present an S 1 to 4 Sacroiliac joint degeneration. Wow pain is 10/10 at times. Had all the scans you named, also. But the "blocking injections" to the S1, 2,3,4 nerves told then where it was exactly. These are rather mild injections done in outpatient surgery in your lower back under mild anesthetic. Then you go home and they ask you to keep a diary. How did it feel after one hour, two hours etc. If they blocked the "hurting nerve" they can tell from this.
So I was offered three solutions.
So I was offered PRP, RFA or FUSION. PRP (50% chance of success, newish treatment ) is an injection of platelets to see if it will heal the damaged cartilage etc. RFA is Radio frequency Ablation where they kill the affected nerve with heat. And FUSION is where they fuse the joint so it will not move and cause pain.
I selected RFA which I will have shortly. As soon as C-virus is lifted.

Mon, May 4 11:28pm · Want to hear from others who have Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Kidney & Bladder

Hi billagreste from Georgia in Australia. In the urine there could be bilirubin and could be blood. They are not the same. Look it up. One is a byproduct of your liver as a breakdown from blood – thrown into the kidney.
The other is blood. I am sure your Nephrologist can tell what is going on with your liver and kidneys from a test. Just ask. It is always the "same old story" – this should be there –and that should not.!!! This is working well and that is not. !!!

Mon, May 4 12:13pm · Want to hear from others who have Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Kidney & Bladder

Hi billagreste from Georgia in Australia. Blood in urine is NOT — OK. There is visible blood and there is also blood that is not visible in urine. They will show up on the Siemen's dipstick IN 2 PLACES. Ask your GP to show you which two patches indicate each of these. Then ask the Nephrologist "why" it is appearing. (The time I had blood showing on the dipstick test of urine was when I was having "stent changes" in the ureter so the Nephrologist and I were both aware "WHY"). I AM NOT SURE ONE CAN JUST SAY IT IS NORMAL OR ROUTINE WITHOUT AN EXPLANATION.

Mon, May 4 3:42am · Emotional health after cancer in Cancer

azkidney 57 from Georgia from Australia. Sounds all too familiar. !!On my third cancer. I can only say -they are very busy – I don't think they expected to have this many elderly to put through. It is no different here in Australia. You often feel just like a number–wait in line. Your feelings are valid I believe.

Fri, May 1 3:45am · I'm having a medial branch block, does it hurt? If so how? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

To Karolyn from Georgia in Australia. Get on that doctor and get the secretary to send you the "outline of the procedure". It should tell you exactly what the procedure is, and what will happen. Never hear of "not being told". !!! Are you in a vet hospital ?????? Woof. !

Thu, Apr 30 3:36am · Possible S3 nerve damage in Spine Health

Hi GRAVEY, from Georgia in Australia Yes, I have a S 1 to 4 called a Sacroiliac Joint degeneration. It was diagnosed by all the same things you had. MRI, CT and various exploratory procedures (needles in the lower back) I stayed on high dose of pain meds while "they poked around". Pain was in the lower buttock and down the hamstrings –it got to about 10/10 "excruciating" at times but the meds stopped the pain.
Three choices to stop it : PRP, RFA or FUSION of the 4 nerves of that "S joint" will stop the nerves from sending pain messages. I selected Radio Frequency Ablation. (sort of burning of the nerve !!" because it was least invasive. Fusion for someone my age is not preferred. The other PRP I could not have because I have a very high platelet production. (technical- they put in your own platelets and try to regrow the damaged cartilage in that area. ) .!!
I am having this done next month.

Wed, Apr 29 9:24am · Side effects and benefits of Gabapentin in Chronic Pain

Hi spondi64 from Georgia from Australia –It is too difficult to give your any help unless you are more specific. What are you taking the pills for ? etc. What is happening, where it it happening. Bone, nerve, etc…Please.

Wed, Apr 29 8:52am · Night pain in Chronic Pain

Hi donfeld from Georgia from Australia . Regarding pain. I hired 4 specialists.(all in the same hospital) One Orthopedic for bones. One Neurologist for nerves, and one Pain management guy, and one Nephrologist for painpill management as they go through my kidneys. Keep them connected by sending an Update of what goes on to each. They sorted out the bone, the nerve, the place and while they "fussed around testing" the Nephrologist kept the 10/10 pain out of the way. Yes, you need a team. Keep on them for a solution, not just pills, exercise and walkers etc…. get it figured and done–gone. !!